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    That’s fine by me.

    I’m using quotes as the pad on which to launch a general point. They’re aimed generally at anyone who reads the boards, not necessarily at people who write on the boards, and not usually at the person making the quote.


    Just watched a video called Sarragon of akkad interviewing brexiteers.

    One obviously educated guy has said on a forty pounds pair of trainers here, 12 pounds of that goes to the eu in tax!

    Also diane abbot of all people has said she doesnt want another vote because she knows remain would lose!

    For once i actually agree with her.


    I don’t want another vote for a number of reasons, but I’m very pleased that a second referendum is publicised and remains on the agenda.

    Basically, a second referendum at this point in time is not really democratic. There have been examples of second votes and elections to reverse the results of the first, and there#’s nothing wrong with that. But there has never been an example of a vote to reverse a previous result before the first result is actually implemented. That would be denounced as undemocratic and unfair, and there would be justice in that denunciation – with the following two exceptions.

    First, if Parliament is unable to fulfil the advice of the 2016 referendum to leave the EU because of deadlock over how to leave, then returning the  problem to the people in a second referendum may become the only alternative. That could happen, though the disaster of a no-deal scenario is becoming as likely atm.

    Secondly, if – if – people realise that Brexit is a failure, another referendum is an option.Polls consistently show that about 56% want to remain in the EU, but that could dissolve in a campaign. The figure isn’t stable enough to justify another vote.  If it does become stable, then there is every democratic argument to say that there should be a second vote because there seems to have been a decisive change in the popular mood.



    i agree with donald tusk

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    Wow the president of the eu thinks we are going to hell!

    Another drama queen!

    Paige werent you looking for somewhere like newcastle but hot to migrate?



    I actually think Tusk is being a bit moderate in his attacks on the no-deal fanatics. It’s quite clear that people here have no idea what a no-deal scenario involves.

    His comments underline the abusive nature of the relationship between the UK and the EU, and it’s the UK which is the abuser.

    Jonn Ellidge, in the New Statesman, wrote,

    “Pro-Brexit politicians and commentators think it’s entirely reasonable to describe European leaders as Nazis, Soviets, or whatever other historically inept slur leaps to mind, and just expect them to take it. But the minute they answer back, even politely, they have somehow crossed the line into indecency, sir, and this shall not stand.”


    i agree with donald tusk

    well said.


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