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    if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, im sure you 2 wont want another vote.

    you 2 have a broad spectrum of coversation.

    hey what did you think to that 28 year old syrian posing as a 14 year old schoolboy?

    moot point or wed only ever have 1 general election

    going back to the eu when they told you multiple times the withdrawal agreement cannot be changed is the definition of insanity

    and how do you know he was 28 did he bring all relevent documentation with him while fleeing syria

    thanks to brexit my plan to enslave the uk will come a step closer as you’ll have no european allies to stop me

    enjoy your freedom till my power grab succeeds :yahoo:


    Come on guys tinned food, eating zoo animals, martial law now.

    it was widely reported the poor guy who forgot his age and ended up with a bunch of schoolkids was 28 paige even by the bbc!

    tbh the beard was a dead giveaway.




    and here I was thinking I needed Id to prove my age and things when all I have to do is tell bbc why wasn’t I informed of this loophole


    Is the irony not lost on you when you are saying people who repeat things daily are mental!

    If anybody would like to read about this case type in asylum seeker poses as schoolboy in ipswich.

    The telegraph even reports he was saw about ipswich town center with his 2 children.



    Well why didn’t you say I’m sure newspapers have never lied to sell a paper


    Well why didn’t you say I’m sure newspapers have never lied to sell a paper


    Now that is a really good answer. :good:   :good:   :good:


    the ever growing feeling of the people wouldn’t be “ fek em, no deal !!” And according to various interviews , programmes and polls that does seem to be the growing feeling of the great unwashed


    What polls have you been looking at?

    The polls I saw a couple of days ago gave support form no deal at 22-24%. Now the fact that so many people can be so short-sighted is worrying enough, but if you look at the polls over a longer period, that number has declined from 31% over the last 6 months :yes: . Has opinion changed over the last couple of days :-( ?

    btw talking about ‘normal’ ‘working-class people’, I think you’ll find that Brexit divisions are not a straight class divide, however you define class – and to me almost everybody is working-class, by hand or by brain.

    60% of Labour voters voted to remain, and 80% of Labour party membvers are furious with Corbyn because of his opposition to a second referendum and his brexiteer politics.

    Probably more people are Remoaners now. Apparently 56% of voters want to remain, against 42-43% who want to leave. Still not enough to justify a second referendum imho



    Heading for a No Deal and it’s all your own fault !!


    I asked Drac once who the scapegoats would be if brexit went to bollox. She quipped ‘remoaners’, and then we both realised she was right.

    Well, we’re going to need scapegoats in the (hopefully unlikely) event of crashing out without a deal.

    Not me. I’m innocent. I’ll look to paige for support, but she’ll be safe in a happier country. I think I’ll tell the lynch mob as it gathers that I supported brexit, they’ve got the wrong man!!.

    I know. I have an ideal scapegoat.


    No photo description available.


    Forgive me if I don’t reply but you see, I REALLY don’t bother reading your posts ,it’s  for the best :-)   I  just skim, you’ll get no direct answers from me on anything, took a leaf out of your book there  :yes:

    Have a nice weekend  :good:

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