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    May as well just give the British public the nuclear launch codes

    many a true word, Paige….


    I think part the problem is that an extremely complicated web of trading relationships, with customs and standards attached, was put to a referendum for people to decide. people just can’t be bothered to go through all the economics;, and most feel pretty intimidated by it.

    No wonder, both sides tried to make it very simple. The Remainers stressing the collapse of Britain within days were so easily out-manoeuvered by leavers with the demand that the ‘wogs’ be kept out and sent home in Britain, it’s always been felt that the ‘wogs’ begin in Calais).

    Now we’re beginning to see the future.

    The catastrophe of no-deal may well be stopped though, Only 80 MPs out of 650 support it, and most of the rest are determined it not take place. I’m aware that there’s many a slip, but I’m feeling on the optimistic side.


    LMAO oh dear


    No photo description available.


    Read the following, and you will understand Brexit, and british politics, and Britain itself in 2019.


    BREXIT EXPLAINED…….simples innit?

    David Cameron made a promise he didn’t think he’d have to keep to have a referendum he didn’t think he would lose. Boris Johnson decided to back the side he didn’t believe in because he didn’t think it would win. Then Gove, who said he wouldn’t run, did, and Boris who said he would run, said he wouldn’t, and Theresa May who didn’t vote for Brexit got the job of making it happen.

    She called the election she said she wouldn’t and lost the majority David Cameron hadn’t expected to win in the first place. She triggered Article 50 when we didn’t need to and said we would talk about trade at the same time as the divorce deal and the EU said they wouldn’t so we didn’t.

    People thought she wouldn’t get the divorce settled but she did, but only by agreeing to separate arrangements for Northern Ireland when she had promised the DUP she wouldn’t. Then the Cabinet agreed a deal but they hadn’t, and David Davis who was Brexit Secretary but wasn’t said it wasn’t what people had voted for and he couldn’t support what he had just supported and left.

    Boris Johnson who hadn’t left then wished that he had and did, but it was a bit late for that. Dominic Raab become the new Brexit secretary. People thought Theresa May wouldn’t get a withdrawal agreement negotiated, but once she had they wished that she hadn’t, because hardly anybody liked it whether they wanted to leave or not.

    Jacob Rees-Mogg kept threatening a vote of no confidence in her but not enough people were confident enough people would not have confidence in her to confidently call a no confidence vote. Dominic Raab said he hadn’t really been Brexit Secretary either and resigned, and somebody else took the job but it probably isn’t worth remembering who they are as they’re not really doing the job either as Olly Robbins is.

    Then Theresa May said she would call a vote and didn’t, that she wouldn’t release some legal advice but had to, that she would get some concessions but didn’t, and got cross that Juncker was calling her nebulous when he wasn’t but probably should have been.
    At some point Jacob Rees Mogg and others called a vote of no-confidence in her, which she won by promising to leave, so she can stay. But they said she had really lost it and should go, at the same time as saying that people who voted Leave knew what they were voting for which they couldn’t possibly have because we still don’t know now, and that we should leave the vote to Leave vote alone but have no confidence in the no-confidence vote which won by more.

    The government also argued in court against us being able to say we didn’t want to leave after all but it turned out we could. May named a date for the vote on her agreement which nobody expected to pass, while pretending that no deal which nobody wants is still possible (even though we know we can just say we are not leaving), and that we can’t have a second referendum because having a democratic vote is undemocratic. And of course as expected she loses. Some people are talking about a managed no-deal which is not a deal but is not no-deal either.

    Thank goodness for strong and stable government.


    Skep you remember when lilly allen took some refugees from a camp in france to live in her Cotswold pad and it turned out they were diplomats and she couldn’t remove them!

    God I bet she felt foolish.


    definition of insanity doing same thing over and over and expecting different results Albert Einstein

    I can only assume brexiteers suffer from it as they voted again to go back to eu for 4th time despite being told every time it’s that deal or nothing

    or you can argue with Einstein that his definition is wrong again proving your insane

    finally I will enslave every single 1 of you once I rise to power  :yahoo:

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    finally I will enslave every single 1 of you once I rise to power :yahoo:

    I think they’d make pretty inefficient slaves..more trouble than they’re worth (or should I say than we’re worth).


    if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, im sure you 2 wont want another vote.

    you 2 have a broad spectrum of coversation.

    hey what did you think to that 28 year old syrian posing as a 14 year old schoolboy?

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    im sure people will consider true horror storys that are documented, rather then having access to prunes and olives.

    hope that doesnt happen in a school near you btw,


    And of course olive growers won’t even consider selling to the UK on principle  and olive lovers won’t even consider paying a bit more short term, on principle ! And Laurel and Hardy here weren’t everyone’s cup of tea, despite mutual back slapping, no hang on, only 50% back slapping, in fact I reckon Laurel & Hardy lovers could be as low as 48% !! Probably less now !! If only the spanner throwers, determined to change the democratic result had accepted a loss and got behind the decision instead of whining and moaning and doing everything they could to halt and change the countrie’s overall wishes, maybe now the ever growing feeling of the people wouldn’t be “ fek em, no deal !!” And according to various interviews , programmes and polls that does seem to be the growing feeling of the great unwashed , not to mention JC, but as a heavy Brexit site, for some reason the opinion of people on this site doesn’t count 🙄🤔, as we are all 😜🤪, didn’t see voting leave on the disclaimer we all agree to ? Oh , maybe it’s because the vast majority of people who come here are normal, working class people? Pahhh … ( like they know what’s best for them) good job we have edukatid folk to tell us our own mind eh? Gawd knows how I got this far in life without em !!!   Heading for a No Deal and it’s all your own fault !!


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