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    she looks like one of my ex bullys who is a male.


    Look again JN, she’s lovely


    I reckon I could take her in a fight

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    Paige you wanna talk on a meme to fight ? I`m sure the longest MEME wins


    Anyways Sarah, can you retrigger your poem?

    I don’t remember it and I got distracted with random shit online.  Safe trip u!!  Lighter or beermat or both.

    I need B12 my brain is frazzled when I drinks like a fish

    Big up!!!!




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    There are many Mizzys…only one Sarah….funny really…..

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    Broke me laptop can’t double log even if I wanted to.

    Back in blighty.

    John heres the thread. Hope you don’t think it’s as ‘crap’ as you say the rest of mine are lol

    Losing My Marbles



    sorry @mrdickhead  i can not like her, how she looks, i seen a nice looking girl today thou, with 2 ugly gits, wimmin for yer init……@koan it is rare seeing a attractive person where i live most look like sloths, i do like looking thou at them tbh, as it tempory makes me forget about the other bs in the day, but then i feel akw if they look back, so i dont do it much.


    Now for some reason this reminds me of Sairs73 aka Sarah aka Mizzy aka Mame

    so I dedicate it to her
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    Sairs is lovely, very misunderstood :cry:

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    Thank you dave x
    Cool song scep.
    How’s it hanging mister?

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 54 total)

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