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    Do you have in this man ?

    I have none whats so ever !!!


    About as much as I’d trust osama bin laden.


    True but can we actually trust any of them OR are they telling us what they think we want to here?

    I really don’t know which way to vote this time .


    He’s actually very honest.

    He’s fought a very good campaign, despite bloops like Diane Abbott’s difficulties with numbers, and he made the Tories very worried.

    I find the BBC unusually biassed against him. Even David Dimbleby has admitted in the mirror that they’re not giving him a fair chance (not the first prominent BBC man to say this), and I think a lot of people are sensing that there’s more to him than you’re encouraged to see.

    Labour was looking to be destroyed at the election when it started; now their vote has firmed up, and the Tories are starting to panic.

    I can’t imagine the Tories not winning, but it’s starting to look as though it won’t be a landslide – good”!

    May’s u-turn on social care is an indication that she may not be as tough a negotiator with the EU as she wants everyone to think. It’s not the first time. She sounds tough until there’s trouble, then she caves in.

    None of them are competent in a crisis – they ride the tiger, and a tiger may well be about to leap on us as we leave the EU. It is genuinely worrying.



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    One of the most fascinating elections in living memory. May and the tories have somehow managed to reduce a double digit, almost unassailable lead, into single digits in only three weeks. Mays personal rating is plummeting while Corbyns is rising, which clearly demonstrates when given a fair crack of the whip under election rules how unfairly Corbyn has been treated by the MSM over the past two years But also by the Blairite controlled liberal PLP. Do I trust Corbyn, yes, as much as I trust any other politician, can labour win this election, I doubt it now after the relentless onslaught against Corbyn since he got elected leader. One thing is certain though, labour can no longer present itself as a watered down version of the tories and in that respect Corbyn has achieved everything and more, people like me wanted, when we voted him leader twice.

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    You want him as prime minister?

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    The IRA are now in government in Northern ireland.

    Jeremy Corbyn was one of those who worked for peace in Northern Ireland, and now we have it. Thank God, for anyone who members those dreadful days of bombings in Britain and sectarian murder in Northern Ireland.

    Peace was obtained by persuading the IRA to lay down its arms, not by fighting them to the death. That meant treating them not as the enemy to be killed, but as people who were to be greeted as partners in government.

    If we hadn’t had the far-sighted approach of people like Corbyn (among many others) there would still be murder there today.

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    Come on for Gods sake. I would say he’s lost the plot but he’s never had one !!!  For me little (we trust her) Maggie  will show real girl power.

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    These are the kind of people you want as our government?

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