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    Nice to see that Martin or more likely a board moderator didn’t just ‘ remove ‘ the whole thread about Molly! Just the nasty comments and troll like behaviour that followed .  I still can’t get my head round why anyone would even think that people would pretend to have a dog ? And furthermore pretend it died ??? I mean what does that even gain anyone ?  It’s not like pretending you’ve won the lottery and are loaded. Or going on about your latest illness and how many hysterical rectomys you’ve had ( joke some will get )  why would someone lie about having a dog. Millions of us do. Why lie about one dying at a ripe old age ? They do.  It’s heartbreaking. I have nothing against Milks, but why bother with it all ?  Why would he lie.  It makes no sense to me, and you persuing it makes no sense either

    It’s about time all this pettiness was put to bed

    Linda is real and a nice lady. She come to UK


    Milks was accompanying her , from what I’ve heard normal nice guy , Gerry lost his beloved dog,  why must we all question everything. If it’s not that important why worry whether Gerry actually has a dog ? Does it impact your life ?

    Everyone is so cynical and quick to jump on

    prople.  Even if it’s notning to do with them.

    Sigh.  Sorry .

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    Bigger. I’m on phone and can’t edit spelling errors. Grrrr.  Soz  B-)


    BUGGER. !!! Lol


    PS:  MisterQ  please do not contribute to this thread . Thank you in advance 🤫

    #1092994…I use my notebook galaxy when here on JC.. I have a stick pen to use when type, as key board rather small. But I do love the fact that often I know a word and when type, my pen does walking with words and I say some times after reading response, typed in, say what, I did not type that word…. lol….


    On another note, and serious matter, I do agree that often, and not only my self at JC, defend actions in which others initiate, things get twisted then I am accussed of being a troll….or those of others..

    Being in protective services am fully familar and certified and trained in field for some time in that of bullies, abuse neglect assualts and so forth..for many in my field, not just me, we work with multiple agencies and alot with law enforcement..

    Prior to my trip, I was notified on another thread some of my comments had been pulled. So basically my freedom of speech at that time was considered by a moderator to be not of their liking.. I took my concerns to a personal friend, way more knowledgeable in field of what it means using the term call “trolling,” by some here at jc…

    Using some of my examples, those of a few I call here trolls, I was laughed at and told, are u serious or are u kidding? In doubt I asked professional as well as dear friend, I was generally concerned as want to make sure I myself had not crossed a boundary not recognizing in defending me. Did I cross a line I work very hard daily not to cross in my profession…
    Again I was told “No.”

    Providing my knowledge and experience, I went on farther to discuss some examples clearly stated by others…

    “Well not sure if drunk or sober at the time but rather fun at time….so why do they come in drunk, allowed to post or chat trash about others, not be banned as that is worse then things i said? And language provided nasty… neglect…asking a person several times, stop lying you know truth, have evidence, why agree and initiate incorrect information…well I no longer like betrayed me. How asked, reasons not personally discussed. Neglect in form of begging please stop my personal wishes denied. So u neglect my concerns but continue to hurt..

    I could go on and on, but as already lengthy think will leave it here…

    But thank you mooosey as to this thread and your serious matter in thoughts and idea..

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    I fully endorse Mooosey’s post.

    Linda, I’ve been round jc long enough to have seen people pulled into a vicious circle where they react to abuse and gradually don’t realise that the original trolls can accuse them of abuse.

    Moon in her day was a real victim of this.

    Sometimes one can’t let thing go, but rather than get pulled down to that level, a short quip (usually) and carrying on saying things while ignoring the inevitable provocations is the only way.

    I speak from bitter experience.

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    the prob is online anyone can be what they want, i mean i cud have 10 cars and i cud be rich and i cud act dumb or and crazy, but who knows, only me and the people who know me offline, what i dont get is thou when people just dont blv anything or and certian things in chat rooms or just online, like some idiots dont blv all what people type, it is bad to blv but also bad to not blv all being typed, but yes trolls do that they start prob with people and oppose all or certion things what someone says, also someone cud say they have cancer then morons wud say they are lying, ok smartarse how can u prove they are lying?, u can not unless u found confidental info from them, what u prob wont get as it goes against the – data protection act, – the amount of dumb comments i have seen online, is a shock to me, as i think i am dumb but others show they are dumb or even more dumb with whatever topic than me or someone else, i mean even them who seem dumb cud be acting dumb…. i mean supposly someone i know, knows some person who acts dumb as they dont like people  or and someone knowing they are actually clever, so if some idiot/s dont blv someone about something, anyone guess what happens?, yes that is right they get trolled by the person or and people who dont blv what they say in a chat room or online, just as they dont blv it, it dont mean it is fake, but yes they cud be talking bs about what they claim to be fact, i mean i had some idiot who did not blv i did jujitsu, he was saying what belt comes next and how long it took me etc or whatever, idk now, but anyway he/she did not blv me then started trolling me, so i defended my self from them, then the idiot was offended when i was being horrible to them, so i have to explain to them that it is as they are ignorant and navie about what i told them about me doing jujitsu, so they made there self look dumb, i had another idiot one other time aswell, i told them i cud my arm to try and kill my self, they said “u are a pussy as if u wanted to do it u wud” so i said ” it is not a self harm cut” then they contunied to be  a naïve ignorant idiot, so i had to explain more to them by saying “it is not a self harm cut i cut my main blood artory u idiot” then they stopped calling me a pussy, and i think said sorry, still they should of not trolled me, for there own naivlty and or ignorants, oh i remember a 3rd time, some i said to people i have not had a shower for days, but before i explained why, some idiot person, was attacking me saying “ffs u are a dirty bast” or whatever they said, then i said “as my shower has been broken” it seems certion people are to quick to say something idiotic to someone, with out asking ?s or being paitent first etc, i mean i have said this a few times, (people dont learn stupid), i bet them people who are dumb like the people i mentioned, prob have a lot of arguements with people and prob are social rejects, as they dont have good social skills, the other idiots are them who follow others and blv what they say is fact, people need to judge by what they see or and hear not by what they get told.

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    To quote a very intelligent friend of mine.  And I hope he doesnt mind.

    Never mind the bollox.



    It’s not like pretending you’ve won the lottery and are loaded. Or going on about your latest illness and how many hysterical rectomys you’ve had ( joke some will get )

    I sure do get the joke and my iPad screen had a wash with the wine too 😂😂😂


    Made my day 😀

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