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    Its been a rough old road I have been on the last few years.

    Being an inwardly dramatic kind of gal, seeking my soulmate and looking in all the wrong places.

    I now have a new friend who I can love cuddle and snuggle with when watching Netflix.

    We share a love of celery and raw carrots.

    He squeaks and tells me when he is hungry without getting stroppy, throwing tantrums or shouting over burnt toast.

    He does not feel the need to ring his mum every five minutes and he wont ever tell me I am fat and that if I tidy up my kitchen I will feel better for it.

    He will not go on skype take horrible pictures of me and then spam chatrooms with them and post my home address up.

    He has an eating straw fetish, I am ok with that as I do not have to paint my toenails, put my hair in pigtails like an elderly muppet or wear pink or a red dress and white knickers.

    He looks up at me as if I am his most favourite person in the whole entire world and he looks very cute munching on cucumber.

    He is my new best friend, soulmate and I can tell him all my secrets without fear of ever being betrayed or abused by him.

    And he cannot bore the total crap out of me moaning about work or how his day has been because he cannot talk.

    I don’t have to wonder what his name is as I know his name already.  I don’t have to worry about him ever trolling me as he does not have the skills to use a computer or a phone.

    My grandson could not say guinea pig so his name is Pigga.

    I will post pictures of Pigga later on.

    It is a shame he will not live forever, but for now, he is the love of my life.







    My son just said mum I think the gerbils hungry.




    Lol. Welcome to the world of loving your pets !!

    Not going to ask about the pigtails, red dress and white knickers !!  :whistle:

    The rest is so true. !!! 😂

    pics of Pigga please !! 👍🏼

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    Pets are safer.

    Wondering about getting a Rottweiller. They are very, very cuddly, very loyal,and definitely not dangerous 99.9% of the time.


    Get one ! ( not sure cuddley is an apt description tho )

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    Lol scep. I think hare and turtle your best pet.


    Well, I bumped into someone with a Rottweieller on a walk a few years ago, and I was assured that they were very very friendly and useful dogs. They love being cuddled and wrestled with.

    I remember a few years earlier how a half-starved Rottweiler in someone’s back yard would put any opportunist thief off. They would think twice when they heard the low growl and the barking for food.

    Have you thought? If you had a half-starved Rottweiler guarding your baby, you could all go out for a drink at the local pub secure in the knowledge that the house is safe??


    oh yes, a Rottweiler has much to recommend it.


    In case someone doesn’t have a sense of humour –  and this is jc – that last post was not meant seriously. if you do have a baby, don’t leave a half-starved Rottweiler to guard it. In fact, don’t have a Rottweiler :good: :good: .


    If you have a baby by all means have a Rottweiler !

    Don’t half starve any dog and never leave a baby and any dog alone together  :yes: 👍🏼

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    Yes, Miss.

    Will follow your instructions.

    I remember from my childhood the tragic story of Gelert the Dog


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