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    to get along with everyone…but i am sick to the back teeth of being called it or that or dickbreath or yeh yeh i made a mistake flashing my boobs at wrongings….yes i can be annoying yes i lie but i aint a two faced snake like some kissing but and gossiping behind their back….tbh i came here to make friends and have met some lovely ppl like fair d smeg jols call me 9 ball longname tree guru and a few more…but some of these 2 faced hypocrites that have never lied ohhh little miss perfects my arse…i have sat back and cried myself to sleep about some of the comments and jibes coming my way….but hey your loss not mine as i do have feelings and a heart…but what gets me these ppl have never met me or took time to get to know me yet call me names n stuff….tbh i feel so down about this….yeh no one cares ….cheers like :bye:

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    Aww budha, there’s plenty of folks like you here! Just a few people who are intent on spoiling things for others. Ignore them x

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    ty so much fair x

    hope you are loving every second of ur adventure :good:

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    If you’re sick of it why don’t you have some dignity and fukc off? ….oh…you have no dignity that’s right… these past 2 weeks you are finally showing your true colours towards me because I ignore you… ridiculed corner shop owners pretending you are aiming it towards Cosy in the room but most know its towards me….you change your tone on the boards because you are scared of being banned…..I mean…having a corner shop is so embarrassing I just wish I had a market stall like you to elevate me to a decent level…sadly that’s not to be

    You came here to make friends? Yet you said you have been a guest for 20 years….that’s a long time to be trying to make friends….One day you are female the next day  you are male…..fact is you are a disgusting goading turd….a joke…..carry on with your fakeness because there will always be someone who tolerates you, but trust me that doesn’t mean they don’t see your behaviour towards others

    Oh…one more thing….”it” “dog breathe” “blah blah blah” are pretty tame aims considering what you actually are

    As your bestie Cosy would say “dismissed”

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    fair is it me or is this one sexually frustrated lol


    Shut up

    sit down

    every fucker here knows you are Morg

    the only boobs you flashed are your man boobs you fat little budda

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