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    In no order.

    Mr pat, mcfc. cosy tigerfeet, cleared to land, puds guru, nine ball, blue eyed boy.

    Safe pairs of hands, i respect you guys.

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    No women with safe hands Milky?



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    Heeee womanly.


    Hi Womanly, hope you are well.

    Well the women of jc, let me tale you all about them.

    Tracy number 1, headbarmaid of the dolphin hotel.

    Well till she got into a row with a gentlemen, in the bar, and he ended up losing half a ear!

    There was blood everywhere, and the blokes from warrington were talking about ringing 999.

    Look i said, taking control of the situation, ive had 5 overdoses here this week, do want the law about, would it help, if i got cos, i mean chef, to put your ear in the fridge overnight,

    And as a goodwill gesture, you all get a extra sausage at brekky tomorow!

    Thats how you smooth things over.

    Rouge female radish,  has also stayed here.

    Only eat bread with brown sauce on, and refused a room.

    Stayed in the boilerroom, refused to take a bedroom.

    Cosy also pointed out to me she took 2 leaflets, on fleetwood market.

    Chat guide ns, and looney toon.

    Charming, the pair, a real pleasure when they checked in at 2pm.

    However around, 1am, i was woken by a loud banging, and lots of shouting.

    Toon and ns, decided they wanted to take a sofa over to the beach at 1am.

    One guest had plaster allover him where they had been banging the walls.

    Was carnage, look ladies i said, we love taking our sofa in the front garden in bristol and chatting, i dont wish to be a party pooper, but the tides in, its pitch black, and you have woke the whole hotel up, they just chanted something in geordie, i will have to review if i wish to have them back.

    Claire wales f2.

    She claimed, she wanted a room, she pushed me over in some karate move, took the comp coffee and soap and fled the hotel, does it everyweekend, apprantley, allover the uk.

    Car boots the merch i suspect.

    This is 100 per cent true.


    Reading monthly report as an investor and partner, u can only imagine my shock to learn  these things while in the toilet!

    Tracy number 1 head barmaid should be given a raise as she protected the booze behind her and saving all the peanuts. This will commence as soon as the napkins are counted for…

    Rogue in the boiler room oh my her chickens will over heat. I demand you remove her from this area immediately and put her in the royal suite bathroom..she will sleep comfortable in the tub and chickens can sit on toilet so they make no messes. P.s. make sure her neighbors kids DONT VISIT as she needs her beauty sleep.

    Chat guide ns and looney toon. No don’t tell me they took my favorite leather black couch to the shore. Did you count the wine bottles at the bar area? You check the kitchen area for the barbeque ribs? I hope that the free bath robes provided by hotel in which ns dog loves has been returned. Count the robes.

    Claire say what? took our soap. She karate chop u,  how dare she. Yes we will decide what to do if invited back to the hotel. I think a calgon bath in order and tie her hands to shower curtain so she repents in her evil ways.. x

    I hope the next monthly report in the toilet is a refreshing one.





    I was in f1 a bit and I feel i will have to discuss with the C.E.O. a happy hour at the bar. Say 5 p.m. till 7 p.m. Will work with chef orders. Fried frog legs..chicken wings.. alligator fries, bull strips of beef marinated in deep dark sauce. Corn dogs, red snapper, crab claw legs, octopus, creamed herring to start.

    I will leave the bar details and distribution of alcohol protocal to the boss!

    Remember mask, social distancing and archie at entrance way! He bite you if not behave.

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