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    for his tip memories on his Bristol thread I  to lived near a tip and his remininces stirred up memories of my first true love

    in fact it was the first ever poem I wrote

    its called


    love at the tip

    it was amongst the broken bottles and cans

    that’s where I met my first true love

    she was rooting around in a bin

    looking as picturesque as the sky above

    I said”hey what you looking for”?

    she said “well im going out tonight and im looking for some decent clothes  I don’t wanna go out in any auld shite”

    I told her id found a size 10 dress,and shee looked at me in glee

    but I said hey you can only have it on one condition and that’s tonight you come out with me

    she looked at me dubiously and said “well I dunno I have got my pride  let me go home try on the dress maybe that will help me decide”

    seeing as id already fallen in love with her I trusted her

    I said “ok I meet you tonight outside the flats”

    when she agreed I was so happy I went down the river to shoot me some rats


    part 2

    when I met her that night she was looking ever so elegant wearing her dress

    that id found it that nobody would ever guess

    well we were going out steady now and we used to root in the skips together

    but one day we had an argument over some iron she told me never to see her again ever

    I was broken hearted as I carried my scrap home that night that girl to me was everything

    I had to get her back  or life simply wouldn’t be worth living


    well summer was drifting slowly into autumn

    and I spotted her looking for mushrooms in the park

    I pleaded with her to come back to me she said …well….I .dunno…er yeh ok mark

    well weve been married now 3 years

    and on our anniversaries we visit different tips

    and we take our little son along to let him play in the skips

    and as me and my wife hold hands in the beatwaste together

    what I really hope my son will find

    is a beautiful tip girl like I found mine.



    dedicated to patricia 1965-1999


    Wow <3

    Imponerende og meget nydelig <3

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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