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    and austerity

    i was thinking if any fellow members have any handy housebound hints to get us through these worrying times

    before we start yes im aware of viz,but its not that sure id like some funny tips


    dont waste money on expensive binoculars simply just stand closer to the thing you want to view





    apart from if youre dogging


    or avoid SAFETY matches they are a con i dropped a lit one back of me auld sofa and the house went up

    im now living in a van and shittting in a bag

    but serious ones are counted as well

    here i got one and its true

    mashed potatos cure hiccups



    please dont make me be a tracy(shudders)


    Just get a job


    hey get a used condom  blow it  up to the max add a bit of pernod and lime

    stand it on your mantlepiece

    it makes a good cheap inexpensive lava lamp :good:


    only one emo has been hurt in this thread













    so far.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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