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    Using hydroponics, Humber grow cumbers and Kent grows tomatoes. In main cites they grow cannabis. Its not 1939 and we can grow food anywhere these days. In vitro fertilization means we’re no long depend randy bull in a field.

    I know what hydroponics is. Its very energy intensive for the yield, but the bigger problem would be all of the nutrients you have to add to the water. These would be hard to come by without importing them. You also need of of the electronic monitoring systems which requires things that aren’t made here.

    The national grid is more robust than you think. The UK’s hydro, wind, solar and nuclear systems meet our needs. Like the rest of the world the UK over produces electricity and trades.

    Not according to the government. The most recent numbers I could find say we have in import 35% of our energy. :unsure:



    I did some time on the flowers in the desert hydroponics program a few years ago.   How it was done at time was raw sewage solids in 50 gallon tank flittering  water thru powered by a 40w solar pump.

    Electronic monitoring systems are more about salad vegetables reaching the supermarket shelfs on time and maximizing profits.

    The chart you post on electricity imports is related to decommissioning of old nuclear and fossil fuels power stations. The new power stations to replace them were held up by planning issues & changing government policy.   I believe all six of the new nuclear power stations will use light water reactors.  This may change over to thorium before completion.




    The other reason for electricity imports is economics. Why build new power stations when you can buy in cheap electricity from the EU?







Viewing 2 posts - 241 through 242 (of 242 total)

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