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    Laine is thinking out side the box…nice one!



    San Andreas is colliding…any fault of it’s own?……LMAO RATF PML

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    All good then.

    I have had bad things happen to me in my life, really awful things.

    I lost both my arms in an accident and I am now typing with my nose.

    Its taken me four hours just to type this, im fcking exhausted.

    NO NO don’t give me your pity – oh ok then.

    Want to buy some paintings I did with my nose?

    Want to give me a nose massage from all the strenuous nose exercise I  have been doing?

    Seriously my poor nose is dropping off now.

    Start a poor ‘her nose is dropping off as she has no arms now’ fund.

    Then I can admit I was lying and you can all ‘love’ me again.

    That is how it works isn’t it here?


    So in Jc just lie about stuff and upset people and make them worry about you and then say you were just lying to get attention to get even more attention?

    oh and me calling her up on it makes me a ‘troll’

    All makes perfect sense now.





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    I am an idiot?

    you are the one who lied about having cancer and about being dead?

    but I am the idiot.  aren’t you also part of alfies harem when you are lying about dying of cancer we should al believe you

    echo are you the living dead? you died of fake cancer?

    sorry did you think that admitting what you did would be ok with all the people who had lost people they loved to cancer? they actually had cancer AND DIED but yeah these chat people will forgive you

    just not me :) dm



    I am an idiot?

    I was in an abusive relationship  for over 13 years

    never once did I ever cheat

    I have NEVER sent men pictures of object inserted into my holes

    you have and  have the proof






    My dad died of brain cancer that spread from his bones so yeah, I’ve seen it. Been through it.

    Part of Alfie’s harem? Oh dear. So is that what this is really about Sarah? Seriously?

    Yes I’ve done stuff that I shouldn’t, haven’t you?

    Yes I lied, haven’t you?

    Sarah, the really tragic thing here is that I don’t care what your opinion of me is, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, about you that I respect.

    You can disagree with me, like quite a few have, but they do it with grace.




    hey only my friends call me that

    I have nothing to say

    when  a woman betrays you for  the chance of cock

    let them go for it

    I am a womans woman

    always was and always will be

    if you like him have him cos im a  nice person

    I want my friends to be happy x

    I am so lucky I am doing so great x




    “I have nothing to say”

    Says it all really.

    Gud natt x


    thought you knew better mizzy.. im disappointed, were you mocking me too?

    people who live in glass houses etc eh?

    i dont smoke i certainly dont drink, i dont lie about my health.

    abused people go one of two ways, they either think the world owes them and take their hatred out on everything and everyone, ( its the only way to make themselves feel better, to see others suffer). or they go down the route of i survived and i’ll celebrate life each and every moment.

    life is way too short for the patheticism that goes on with the abuse and trolling.

    its like picking at a scab, or self harming, because that is what abusing others is really a type of self harm, its shows the abuser up for what they are not their target. and needless to say there is no level too low for them to stoop.

    i think at our ages (she says tongue in cheek because of the childishness), weve all seen people die. both my parents within months of each other two different cancers,  my first grandchild, and how i felt “I” failed because i couldnt stop my daughters pain. being battered and bruised, broken bones, emotional and psychological abuse that never goes away. rape, buggery, being lied to, cheated on, it all happens to more people than you know walk a mile in someone elses shoes before you strt he pathetic abuse, one day it might be you

    you’re only a victim if you choose to be, survivor is far better!

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