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    Many things are easy in life… only have to ask your self….well how easy was that?……

    That’s not easy in it’s self as you have to be honest in order to answer the question. So how honest are you as an individual?….or do you just jump on a band wagon?……

    There’s one thing i can never do and that’s justify some thing to be in with the crowd,flavor of the month or generally profit from some one else’s loss.

    And i must add that by profit….i am in no way referring to monetary value……

    Mind you, there was a great Fools and Horses episode where Del Boy referred to the book of Profits……LMAO RATF

    Mind you…there were too many great episodes…..of that particular series…..



    i am my own boss in terms of being in a wagon, i am the driver, if anyone wants to be part of my gang, great! if they dont it dont matter, i am not one of the sheeple, also i understand i am not the most dumb person in the world, and i also understand i am not a cnt, i also understand people who like cnts are also a cnt to, not saying all r but i have seen people on my list who like others on my list, bad like bad, the prob is i am fighting for my self, so i am against gang of bad people like if they are gang of school bullys being horrible to one kind person.

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    Perfect sense to me just…..have a great weekend….although we’ll fall out at some time over language issues….


    the lang is ok, i dont think there will be a prob

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    I find moosey jumps on the band wagon a lot………most of the time in fact……

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