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    (8) “You Can’t Handle The Truth,” but it’s the Toy Story Song – YouTube

    Sorry man, I wuv ya, but your song didn’t resonate with me.  I listened to yours in its entirety, so you have to listen to mine in the spirit of brotherly love…

    Good Lord. There might be life in the old dog (justchat) yet.

    1. Rodge is a far better gossiper than I ever could be. I bow to his insider knowledge and if C2L and linda are getting it on (or is it off?) then power to their elbows!!
    2. I notice Cleared that you’re not denying it so Rodge must be right or is it another conspiracy?
    3. Contrary to popular belief Cleared, we Brits don’t go round all day quoting Shakespeare but maybe that’s just me protesting too much…
    4. Come on Cleared, I’m dying to know where your brain is with all this new tRump shit. Are you still part of his ‘base’ or are you having second thoughts? I love it when he talks about taps and water restrictors. He really should be considering a stand-up comedy career.

    Hi Cleared, I think our messages crossed. Just listened to your choice of music. 47k views in 2 years. Not exactly top of the country hit parade is it. Never mind.

    Lets get back to basics here. If the ‘leading country of the free world’ can only put up a couple of 80 year olds as your presidential candidates then something is fudamentally very very wrong with your 2 sided  political system. As for your constitution, it’s dated and totally unfit for purpose. Your government is determined by a small minority of counties in a a small number of swing states – hardly ‘representative of the people’. You can’t get rid of guns because it’s your law that you have guns. It’s a situation that we over here would call ‘buggered’.

    Here’s a blank sheet of paper. How would you start again?










    Im like one of those transfer windows in the knows andy itks
    I do specialise in gossip must admit i know every single women married widows women who are dead etc who as ever graced jc


    Divorced living over the brush i know the fckn lot of em.


    Ps alas poor yorick





    The law n disorder crim party attacking bullying  a judge for doing her job???.No wonder they have leader with 91 felons  and more coming god willing and 4 indictments..They could end up joining the orange clown company behind bars for harnessing a judge Now that would be worth opening bottle champers and dancing in the streets. :yes:


    Why dont they bang up pathetic chat guides oh hi ld le gd
    Who cant defend their own site
    Admin lol
    More like useless fckn stumps


    They should make me a mod
    Id get all the ex chatters mates of mine in
    I talk you loads of them on phone every day/night but they wont come in cos of kiwi.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 35 total)

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