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    I did wonder which forum to put this on, but I decided Serious ( in light of certain discussions) was definitely the one to go for …

    I don’t watch a lot of TV, I tend to have a look at what I may like and watch then watch it on catch up as I can’t stand adverts either.

    I ran an errand this evening and on my return the tv was on…. Jane McDonald seems to have her own show, I stood fixated in the doorway, watching her in her black flowing jumpsuit with added diamante accessories and was transfixed…. by horror. Ok  I’m at an age when clubbing on a Friday night is no longer my bag, ( got the T shirt ) I understand that ‘TV people’ know young’uns are all out enjoying themselves… The camera panned around the audience and I swear no one looked under 65, and that is giving the benefit of the doubt, judging by the twin sets and pearls I’d say over 70.  So its primetime viewing Friday night 9pm and ITV offer a mediocre singer, more suited to karaoke for adults to watch ?

    Its bloody laughable !!!



    shame it was not the titanic


    I can be such a biartch


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    Well yes I knew that, and I’m sure she’s a lovely person……………  Friday night primetime tv ? ITV … dead and buried….


    here,, I agree. a second rate opportunity Knocks winner having her own main line programme. ! I know folks that took the cruise ship/Abu Dhabi route to make a dollar.and the stories they tell … But Jane Macdonald?? its almost farcical.

    /annoyed. Dundee.

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    as for the colour of passports.. and religion which I have none.. I don’t care.. BUT Jane got right on my wick !
    thank fvck for common sense posters..

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    Hi Rubenstein !!  Missed ya  hope your doing ok xxx

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    well I will have you all know I had singing lessons and guitar lessons and once I sat on a canoe and sang misty waters by the kinks and I have really BIG TITS yet no fuckers asked me to go on prime time tv

    she must know someone in the music bizz

    feel so rejected and hardly done by

    I may go on loose women and give her a poo and cucumber sandwich in my lunchbox and pretend I’m just there to talk about my chatroom addiction.

    kill two birds with one stone


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    Don’t start me on Loose Women,  Loose ?  wtf ?  there’s more Botox on that set than anywhere on the planet in a 6 metre square stage !!  Tho I love Janet Street Porter, dunno about her politics but she is what she has always been and she don’t care !!!

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    well shes had so many husbands I mean look at her, shes gobby and rude and not much to look at but I admire her so much cos I couldn’t even get one to marry me pml

    I don’t like coleen she seems to want people to feel sorry for her and seems to take shit from men so I cant respect her, I suppose I just took an instant dislike for her especially when she went into the big brother house and tried to play the ‘nice’ card lol.  she didn’t get where she is by being nice.

    I have a theory about Lorraine Kelly too

    no one is that nice, the woman cannot be that nice.

    personally I am thinking they will  find dead bodies  buried in her garden.


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