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    hi cat i had same problem had to switch to google chrome try and see if it works xx



    catty download firefox use that instead or google chrome internet exsplorer is shtye xx :wink:


    :cry: tks all who have given me advice,iv done it all 2 the letter followed all the instructions,still wont let me in just chat.what am i doing wrong????? :roll: its driveing me crazzzyyyyy i can do everything else go in all sorts ,do all sorts,just cannot get in justchat chatrooms :roll:


    Have you checked with the site that your ip number range hasn’t been banned for some reason?


    :lol: lol suger i doubt that im banned but mabye you could ask if i am pls :D


    You would have to email Martin and ask catlady . It wouldn’t necessarily mean that your specific ip number had been banned , but that in trying to ban someone else, they could have put a block on a whole group of ip numbers from your internet provider . It has happened in the past I believe. It’s a long shot but if you have tried all those other things then it is worth checking. You did try downloading the other browsers like mozilla firefox and google chrome ?


    @jen_jen wrote:

    @kent f OBE wrote:

    @anc wrote:

    Want my hubby to have a look see cat? Would be free! :D

    Bad advice…should never let just anyone get into your computer don’t you think? He might be your husband and yes you know him but he is a stranger…I also heard something very negative about a similar story :roll:


    <<< Is with them two ^^^^^


    @anc wrote:

    Want my hubby to have a look see cat? Would be free! :D

    Er, considering what happened to your own PC, is your IT Security hubby really the best person to be working with PCs?

    No disrespect like…


    :) tks 666 and suger yes iv done all that,i will e-mail martin tho see what happens and ty anc but think ill pass :D


    :twisted: cant find any link 2 send e-mail 2 martin can someone ask a guide if they can check 4r me pls ty :D

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 50 total)

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