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    See the source image  :bye:


    See the source image

    You know who you are just be happy stay calm and please GIVEEE MEEEE A CALLLL :heart:



    So, is Scorpian Morg or Alfie?





    Either is a potential prospect of more, predictable, mind dulling, attention seeking, crap, by someone under the false impression that they are clever and that everyone is stupid enough to find them witty, interesting and a bit scary, with all kinds of secret info on people……….. 😴😴😴.

    None of which is true !

    Not clever, Not interesting, Far from scary and the only info on people is either old news or complete lies, conjured up in a sick mind which will come up with any crap with some shock value in order to get everyone’s attention on them. How else can they be interesting enough to get people to notice them ??

    100 / 1   I’m the first target !!! 😴😴😴  😂


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    If I’m wrong and it’s some lovely bloke desperately trying to get Kenty’s attention I apologise in advance, unfortunately they have chosen the tactics of the sites biggest weirdos to do it!! 🥴

    sorry !

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    I honestly do not think its either of them.

    It looks like an old chatter from 2010.

    I was not sure why they felt the need to drag out an old thread in order to ‘dig’ at thin ice.  Seemed a bit lame IMO.

    As for this thread? Personally I would wait ten minutes for a call, if I didn’t get it in ten minutes I would have moved on to the next one by now.  I would not be waiting, waiting, waiting by the phone like a numpty.

    Ten minute rule, ring or b***er off.


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    have a vacuous defeat under your snakeskin belt.


    A line only Morg or Alfie could type. My money if pressed however is on Morg because I don’t think Alfie is this stupid.





    Edit: By stupid I mean the inclusion of “vacuous”. If anyone can explain what a “vacuous defeat” is I am happy stand corrected.

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    I think its a old chatter too.

    But lets be honest here doesnt thin make echos life hell about a post she did under stress years ago, then said sorry for?

    He picks on weaker targets and crys like a baby when he gets made to look silly by a thread title.

    Scorpian hasnt been disrespectful to anyone.

    Futhermore scorp id be happy to play crockett to your tubbs in any further investigations.



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    I think if Thin and Linda stopped flirting outrageously in the room with each other ruffling a few feathers in the process this whole saga could be put to ‘bed’, not literally of course and everyone could ‘hug’ and make up.






    I dont mind  bit of harmless flirty text in the room ge.

    Goes on everyday.

    Im pretty it takes a bit more than stories about wheelbarrows and skip prices in the west midlands to impress linda.

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