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    As all see good news reporting perhaps..some may get bits and pieces in which much deleted..

    So Floyds Police officers may get life in jail..this new officer protecting himself from a stolen weapon may get death penalty.. are u kidding me!

    Many say with multiple situations going on much chaos through out U.S.A. what next?

    Land of free little dysfunctional right now. What private sector zones, popping up now? No law or order, unsafe zones.

    Violence breathes violence, destruction breathes destruction, chaos brings more chaos. Time for all to take hault, breathe, stand back and rethink what doing.

    Crazy time for us all



    P.s. see the man who knocked down a 92 year old retired school teacher in N.Y.C. ?Wow..not care. He had 104 prior arrests. Sex offender (13 year old) 10 more. AND he walked free every time. Burgulary, attempted murder, so forth..

    Remember each State makes own laws. This animal should be relooked at and locked up forever. Why not death penalty for him?

    Very true statement “2 wrongs dont make it right” but 104 serious arrest and this called justice for his many victims.

    Just can not get my head around that one.


    Now I am thinking that this spammer(s) in f1 need lap tops taken away, fed through a key hole, and removed from all technology.

    Spammer(s) should take their luck and go out to protest be stomped on and live in reality right now, maybe not be so disruptive while nice chat going on. Lol


    Getting scary.  Be safe.   You just don’t know anymore ❤️❤️❤️

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    Little less frustrated today as I heard that 2nd officer whose weapon taken away..taser used..person died..they not looking for death penalty as said all day yesterday, now life in jail. Still crazy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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