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    Sparked by a comment on another board, what do we prefer in a male physique ?

    If you had to choose only 1 of 2 choices, what would it be :

    a) carrying a bit of excess timber, but tall ( 6ft or over )

    b) very thin

    remember its only to get an idea, no slagging peoples shape and size off please  just answer  a or b.

    Personally I’m for A , skinny legs, baggy plums and no arse eugh !!

    And before anyone gets on their holier than thou throne, yes I know it doesn’t really matter in the long run its what’s on the inside that counts  blah blah

    Tis just a bit of fun.



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    i think this wud be a random result


    well at the moment the A’s are winning  lol…….


    Near enough all of my exes were very slender bordering on skinny ribs poking out etc. The nicest man I ever dated who was so kind to me was very overweight but so lovely.

    I am overweight and I have no idea why I find very slim men attractive maybe its because I want to be slimmer and find slim men less of a threat as they are less likely to be so full of themselves and if they punch me I’d have a better chance of getting up again afterwards.

    At the age of 44 I feel like I’d rather they were just kind loving not a cheat not violent and not a controlling manipulating bore who will ‘punish’ me for not conforming to what they want me to be.

    I guess my answer is, no man is my type.



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    I vote for both A & B

    I would go with either, A or B. I’m more about chemistry and personality. If either had a tendency to drink too much then I’d choose the other.

    I have this unfortunate association with alcohol and violence, and in particular drunken men and violence against women. Sorry, but I find excessive alcohol use repulsive.

    Maybe you can take further inspiration from the “other thread” and do an incoherent abusive (probably violent if provoked) drunken bloke v sober sophisticated challenge :)

    James Bond v Rab C Nesbitt


    Take your pick Girls 😍



    Well Alfie, you aren’t a lady and you aren’t James Bond, lol, so you’re opinion doesn’t count :)  and the thread has nothing to do with drinking and everyone can see where your ‘trying’ to go with this, but the thread is addressed to The Ladies so beak out please ( no offence ) :-)


    Are you referring to me ? Would you like to see my fanny?

    How do I know you’re a female?

    It’s all just words on a screen darling x dont take it too seriously 😎


    Mizzy and rudeboy have indicated as to my gender, please pay attention x


    whatever Alfie …..  sigh …

    take your pick girls …

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 171 total)

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