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    Long and thin..goes way in….but..does short and thick…do the trick??


    You seem a debonair suave and sophisticated hunk



    A :good:


    Neither I want a guy to be guy shaped


    Neither I want a guy to be guy shaped

    You wont find that on this site… the “lookers” resemble a fly ravaged fetid turd festering away in the African sun freshly deposited from a diseased dung beetles shitbox ( sorry to be the bearer of bad news)


    I like it when men have teeth, their own preferably.

    Oh and a pulse for at least some of the time.

    Call me picky



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    Ok, for the sake of argument, when you say a man carrying a little extra weight, there is a real difference between a little extra and unquestionably obese (unfortunately over here, on dating sites, men frequently describe themselves as “a bit over” yet their photos show quite BIT more). I know David Mitchell isn’t 6″, but say, if he were, at his heaviest, I would take him over Julian Sands.



    Sorry, I meant A!


    i usually like them weedy so I can squish them flat like a pancake.

    The sound of a man struggling to breathe does it for me

    Then as they’re recovering I can nick their wallet.



    i like to feel protected when i’m with a guy so i need a bit of muscle

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 171 total)

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