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    The Scene: Aboard the Presidential Jet AIRFORCE ONE at 35,000 feet over Georgia. The Capital riots fresh in the minds of the world.

    trump has invited Senator Lindsey Graham  (R – South Carolina) for his first time aboard the luxury airliner. Graham stated ‘Enough is Enough’ after the riots. trump and Graham are reclined on the vast Presidential bed discussing plans over two cans of diet coke – with ice.

    trump: ‘Lindsey, when I’m out of the oval office I want your continued support for my family’

    Graham: ‘Yes Mr President’

    trump: ‘Look, I wasted 3 sperms on my boys and Ivanka is brain dead. Lara is thick as shit but if we all get behind her we could make her the first woman President’

    Graham: ‘You’re a genius Mr President’

    trump: ‘I’ll be pulling her strings of course. She only ever wants to paint her face. She’ll use the nuclear football as a make-up bag’

    Graham: ‘I’ll follow you until Armageddon Mr President’

    trump: ‘Thank you Lindsey. I know I can always count on you’

    Graham: ‘Mr President, may I suck your cock’

    trump smiles.

    trump: ‘Later Lindsey, later. When they dim the lights’


    One day after the trump impeachment trial, Lindsey Graham announces Lara trump as new face of the Retrumplican Party.


    American Politics – sooooo much more comical than the Houses of Parliament.


    budha badder budha badder










    Do you mean the bit about the ice….Linda ?




    The ice has melted


    budha badder





    where are you gerry boi ?

    budha badder




    Alfie well and truly shafted. 😂


    No longer can he manipulate the room in hidey numbers creating that constant paranoia among other members in which he thrives in regards to who is who. Now he has to reenact it publicly on the boards and where he can no longer lurk in the shadows.






    Budha badder gerry boi








    gerryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  ????????




    gerry ! heel boi !


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 18 total)

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