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    Hi Linda,

    It’s all based on the facts. But I have of course speculated on the trump/Graham intimate relationship. You see, I wasn’t too sure if Senator preferred diet coke or Dr Pepper.

    In the end, I opted for coke.





    Just bringing it back to it’s rightful place.



    This one also deserves promotion.

    Oh what fun…..



    Take your cue card and stick it up where sun don’t shine. Sure Biden will not mind sharing his notes as his competency to speak at all is on toilet paper. I ply and useless for wiping.


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    So shake in your boots and wait for Lara. Maybe she cam with u too

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    Hi again Linda !




    Don’t really know the majority but anyone with nice baps please post on the boards. I avoid arguments here, take no sides so a simple bóob pic will perk my spirits up. There’s no one coming in but with no guests we knew that would be the case. Shame really x

Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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