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    I did say think about it first


    So sorry to hear this Belle, my heart goe out to you. I hope you can find some comfort in yur memories x x

    MisterQ your comments are innapropriate on this thread.

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    your whole presence is innapropriate on these boards demelza but hey……just my opinion…


    Out of respect for Belle I wont follow that up Mister as I would normally. I sincerely hope you are never in a position of such awful grief and get such a response Mister.

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    well youve learnt some thing then demelza and not followed it up as you would normally……probably why i blocked you a long time ago…..glad to see your taking my advice…….a few others could do with learning it as well……



    Never assume what ive been through pixie……people do tend to assume a lot here and be overly patronizing and condescending with it as well…..and your self is one of the worst offenders…in my opinion of course


    Dear me Mister your lack of compassion is disgusting in your quest to get a laugh. I blocked you way back and I can see it was the right decision. Please out of respect for Belles loss and the reason for this thread drop your self absorbed comments.



    LOL! i blocked you actually and ill say what ever i want……so go and join angel in the talk B.S corner…….im not interested in the slightest thing you’ve got to say…..intimidation runs off me like water on a duck’s back….


    My sincere condolences to Belle and family for your untimely loss.

    Shame that some have decided to use this thread for their own means other than what it was put on the boards for that of a thread of condolences for the loss of a friend and member of this sites husband .

    Hopefully those in charge of the boards will deal with these inappropriate posts on this thread.


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    yes hugs good point…..hope fully demelza will shut her big mouth in future and others like angel wont need to feel the need to like and stir things up….

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 72 total)

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