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    Angel i know for me to send mail there about 5, 6 days. Here not sure. She aware of some mail as she told me few of mine received by her relative while she away on phone. She will see them very soon.



    Started at JC chat May of 2017.  Belle has been here almost 7 years I believe….She knows more people here, has had a relationship with them and so forth..If she knows real names or not honestly we don’t discuss JC soap operas or spend time on entertainment for the trolls…We have a great relationship by phone. Both of us connected several months ago.. I can tell you by what scep states and others her presence on JC always enjoyable. Personally as well.

    In this difficult time, yes Belle and I have spoken often. She reaches out to me as I reach out to her. I truly hope when she comes back your banter against her ceases. SHE takes no abuse and one tuff cookie, trust me. So watch your self. Just caution mind you….


Viewing 2 posts - 71 through 72 (of 72 total)

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