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    Ringing in your ears linda? hmmm may be Tinnitus…LMAO RATF PML


    Not sure what u on about.

    But hell here goes…Lol lol lol.

    Feel better misterq.

    Cycle away to a nice location. You need holiday escape. Lol.. if you see a group home why don’t you paddle in and do your banter there.  Maybe you can stay awhile….they appreciate your dry humor.

    Hands Misterq a empty water bottle.



    [email protected] weak attempt to take on milky’s sarcastic piss taking… least speak for your self…..LMAO RATF PML


    I do lol. Milky’s piss I Not play don’t want to cross line misterq. You have.. your in a form now in which I am so saddened with. Not sure if I feel for you as this spewing stuff I find no humor with. Or pity you as you have no regard for people..sad really..I can’t seem to be nasty. Just not in me. Heart too. You blew it.. geez move on. You only make it worse.  :scratch:


    LMAO!….make what worse exactly?…….your feeble attempt to gain sympathy?……LMAO RATF PML



    Think it you misterq. Have nice day… :bye:


    I always have an awesome day linda… thing’s for sure….American girl power is way behind the British… way….


    Follow Up…

    Belle has as said before been provided cards from those here on thread words written as well as those in f3 well wishes. All who initially or after…sent good wishes. She aware of names.

    A plant will be delivered to her on Monday August 20th. Again those of this thread and those of f3 have been included.

    She called few hours ago. Very exhausted, overwhelmed of course, thanks all again. Will be heading back home in few days..

    Sent her good wishes and much appreciation.


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    Aware of names? an interesting statement linda…what does that mean then?  Hang on trolls…..lets let linda answer first….shall we?…..


    she should receive my card soon i posted it a few days ago Linda

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Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 72 total)

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