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    Always funny how people man please each other…..or woman man please as well for that matter…or woman woman please…..or man man please…LMAO…..they some times call it arse licking…you scratch my back etc

    One hell of a lot of F3 got ichy backs or arses that need lickin’…..LMAO RATF

    The 2 truest things i have ever heard about the rooms here is that f3 is stuffy,clicky and arse licky and f2 well they have their problems but most crap they get comes from f3…..LMAO RATF

    In my opinion of course….LMAO RATF



    You have always posted inappropriate comments on remembrance/memorial threads and so I really don’t understand what the fuss is about now. You have lost the plot Q, take some time out, recharge your batteries, come back a “better” man.





    Poor old Q.Hes lost some fwends on here.People turning on him.And he gets to go home to a bedsit in Roman Road in Taunton everynight with the smackheads,pissheads and the DHSS down and outs.Chin up Q.

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    Oh and btw the way Q, my comment wasn’t about taking sides with halfwits like Somer, who appears to take great relish mocking people for what he appears to assume live in some sort of poverty. A complete and utter moron.



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    <<<<<<<<<<<< Mortgage free,Holidays abroad,still young,new home,2yo car.

    Now you put yours up Gerry and we will see whos a moron.

    Let me do it for you.Rented home,skanky rooms,everything covered in dog hair and happy to go into hospital to get a wash!!!!



    Somer, you type like you are 14 years old, no one cares if you are another JC millionaire, or not. With your “my house is bigger than your house” (buy some decent planters for that crap garden of yours btw)

    You’re a bandwagon jumping saddo who doesn’t say boo to a goose until there is a bandwagon to jump on.





    Passes Gerry a bottle of meths.Drink and go back to sleep you name hider in the rooms.

    P155heads i sh1t them.



    Somer, you have openly mocked your deceased ex partner on these very boards, the mother of your children, no respect for the dead. Yet here you are jumping on the hate Q bandwagon. You’re a scummy little man Somer.




    Gerry sober up. My partner is alive my ex wife is dead. And is it true you were so skint that the only bone your dog got was your bonnet? You did put on the boards you slept with it  :bye:



    P155heads i sh1t them.

    The ‘text’ mind of a 14 year old teenager. While he openly mocks his deceased ex partner and condemns Q for exactly the same inappropriate behavior.  Scummy little man.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 53 total)

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