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    On my way home from Knock Ireland yesterday looking out the window i noticed this weird sighting. The day was very dull and had been raining no sun was out. I could see what looked like a tiny plane with a rainbow circle all around the object which lasted the 45 min flight time. UFO? Leprechauns at play? You decide lol

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    Is it not the shadow Soaps?

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    I take pictures of clouds as a bit of a hobby like (yeh I know sad)
    but when I enlarged it
    yeh it does look like jesus think knock is a religious place in eire
    nah im only kidding on closer inspection it looks like a dog looking left with his/her collar a bit askew?


    Hi Gems, i did think that to be honest but i thought you need sun to make shadows and flying 35,000ft would you see shadows? if it was the planes shadow it would be essentially the same size as the plane and equally visible at all altitudes.Flying low does make shadows. It was the bright rainbow that surrounded it i found weird.  A few other passengers were commenting on it. Prob something thats easily explained.One of the crew members said its called an aircraft eclipse? Something ive never seen before. Tut Gems! youve cast a shadow of doubt now on my pic hahaha

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    Pretty view. I would say my belief is but would be bombarded.

    So see a rainbow type color hue take.

    The sun is a reflection hitting off metal color of plane, most likely raining some where too with temperature change in atmosphere as well. Why rainbow seen too. Yes agree with demelza a reflection in cloud from sun exposure, clouds u flying in also.

    Pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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    U always share interesting things. Thanks. Is different. Nice….


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    a break in the clouds with a rainbow effect?

    the Second Coming of Jesus?

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    Good to see you here today sceptical guy.



    Not sure 2nd coming of Jesus,

    But his father did say…

    On the first day, the Lord made light……and there was light….


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