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    I know I have mentioned it before and I know recently I think Somer mentioned it, maybe others have to, is there any possible chance of having a ‘Dislike’ button alongside the ‘Like’ button. It would actually save a lot of dispute, ( unless of course you like a good dispute ;-)  ). Sometimes it would be great to simply dislike a comment. If you don’t respond to a post ( possibly out of respect for someone and their feelings) people may think you have no opinion, however if you voice your opinion you are disrespecting the tone of the thread and also getting into a long winded tit for tat argument, which normally ends up with the same posters with verbal diarrhoea who never know when to stop.

    Any chance Martin ? :rose:

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    Not a bad shout that moose would stop the shameless posters.

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    I can certainly understand why Ms M should ask for that.

    One person here posted an inappropriate and totally heartless comment about a popular lady who has just been widowed. The outrage was felt by all, or at elast that’s my guess, and a dislike button would have been a lot better than people who couldn’t contain their anger and posted their feelings in the respect thread.

    I can imagine how it could be used in the usual type of board convo, though.

    Still, worthy of consideration, given the circumstances.

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    Just ignore is always the best solution sceppers…funny how people like one minute then turn on a coin the next…


    Anger is a funny thing here sceppers…..people get angry one minute about some thing then go off about some thing else the next……then contradict them selves the next…..then agree with some one when it’s beneficial then turn against them when t’s not in their favor….you do the maths or is it math? never could work that one out…..LMAO RATF laughs maniacally…….

    In my opinion sceppers…there should be a just chat girl band formed with you as lead singer and demelza shouting her mouth off, angel playing baby spice and the other 2 well somer and milky of course….LMAO RATF



    Maturity q. Right out the door I say..

    Need loving and attention..?


    Believe me Sceppers I did contain my anger, maybe should have said nothing at all but did try to remain respectful to Belle as am genuinely upset for her.  I am thoroughly disgusted at this complete lack of compassion for someone going through such a traumatic time. In my experience, in a time of such trauma peoples true colours show, some for the good some for the bad. Do I wish there was a dislike button, absolutely.. None of us are perfect including me, but to still be continuing to disrespect Belle by what he is doing on that thread says everything about him. I shall in future not give him the satisfaction of me even acknowledging his input at all. Including no doubt what will follow this.


    Maturity q. Right out the door I say..

    Need loving and attention..?

    The more you reply to the troll the more attention it is getting. If everyone was just to ignore misterq and all of its posts that it types.

    The behaviour of this member has been reported to Martin and we will now have to wait until Martin does something about it but as everyone knows Martin is very slow to react to anything reported.

    This can be seen in the fact that the profile picture function that was reported months ago as not working still has not been fixed.

    As for the idea of a dislike button a great idea maybe this could be set with a quota so when reached that particular post is automatically removed.

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    As for the idea of a dislike button a great idea maybe this could be set with a quota so when reached that particular post is automatically removed.

    The like function was always going to be used (by some) as a point scorer and mostly has and I said so when it was introduced. Dislikes would make it even worse and create even more of a cliquey environment if one gang had more members than another and could get all posts removed they don’t like. There should be an active board host to moderate.




    It’s not just you, Demelza. Quite a few people were pretty angry.

    Q has finally worked out how to get a reaction, and he does seem to need a reaction. usually nobody can be bothered to replay, but he’s now worked out that if he says something gross he can get noticed. Nothing’s going to stop him now.

    He seems to be a man with some really deep-seated resentments.  What do you do about such people? :unsure: Shouting at him and insulting him is just going to make him more and more resentful. If he had any brains, he’s be dangerous.

    Gerry points to the problem of having a ‘dislike’ button. The number of RIP threads where people can be grosso are limited, I’m glad to say, and people are very likely to use the number of dislikes and likes in schoolyard fashion.

    The problem with an active board moderator is partiality and a feeling of resentment when misunderstood. Martin is obviously too busy with his life to do more than pop on here now and again, and who can blame him? Some right of appeal is needed.

    Otherwise, I would just hope that Martin shows some sensitivity when he acts as board moderator, which he does from time to time.


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