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    Tonight I watched someone cover chinese take away in mayonnaise.

    I only eat sheppards pie if its covered in vinegar.

    I always have tomato ketchup with corned beef.

    My dad used to love salad cream sandwiches when he was young.

    What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen covered in vinegar ketchup salad cream or mayonnaise?





    Not all that weird but if I have boiled eggs, like in a sarnie mashed up, I do it with salad cream, not mayo. Oh and with a ‘dash’ of pepper.







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    Wasabi with sushi on a naked body

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    I’ve had mayo on Chinese Special many times……lovely. I find mayo goes with most things as long as it’s not put on too thickly. I have never found many food items that vinegar goes with….i personally think because it is an alkali at ph 6 it was added to the menu as a counter balance to the acid in foods.

    What i have found though is that vinegar is an incredible cleaning and polishing agent. Can be used on chairs, shoes, windows…you name it. Brings up wood lovely and can even be used in steaming machines.

    I found that Salad cream goes really well with fish and funnily enough potatoes and most salad type of meals. Most unusual adventure i had was when i tried it on porridge. I’ll be honest……if you get the amount right, it tastes awesome.

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    Use mayo as a sauce on a BBQ then season with salt and pepper – the fats in the mayo will produce a lovely crust (perfect for a fish)


    That sounds lovely. I love sausage dipped in vinegar I actually really love the taste of vinegar.

    Some people put mayonnaise in mashed potato sounds horrible.



    Salad cream on porridge?

    How grotty sounding can’t eat oats anyway lol


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    Same as GE, salad cream with mashed boiled eggs is nice, tastier and a better alternative to using butter.

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    ketchup or vinegar = vinegar

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    Yep, i was a bit of a Blumin Hestantile with porridge…i always have the oats raw with milk( cold not hot milk)  and i decided one year back along to try all sorts of different ” porridge recipes” with out the milk. coleslaw is nice and mayo and salad cream….even tomato sauce!

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