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    I feel i have been a bit rude to milkman so hey milkman whats the quickest way to the tree place from Bristol using the main roads for cyclists as i got about ten days coming up and need to get to Lands End again and back…. i start from my home town…up to Bristol then the tree place then South to Durdl’e Dor then west all along to Land’s End then see what time’s left to fit in to get home……..


    He will get right back to you after he’s googled it.



    Firecracker blow it up your behind. He is an extremely intelligent man. Lol. Not like you who needs to Google everything, everyone.

    Have nice day. :yahoo:





    Mrq sorry for the late reply bit of a story really il tell you now.

    Me and a friend had gone to a country pub in chew valley.

    Anyway q we were driving home and I thought I saw 2 guys fighting in a field, bear in mind this is the middle of nowhere, I grabbed my mates arm pull over lets split this up I said.

    We crossed the style and it turned out it was a farmer painting a beard on  a scrarecrow!

    What you doing mate  I said?

    Oh birds around somerset pick and choose when to protect their young he said, Plus we have to change the scarecrows appearance everyday as these gulls have facial recognition.

    Mrq  I have told you three times now I only do 100 mile 120 at most cycle runs at most I stay in hotels or campsites your routes regimes of sleeping rough doing 110 miles a day leave now mate you will be in lands end by Thursday.

    Cheers q.


    Yes milkman…Thursday or Friday will be about right…..then stay in Penzance for a night before the sprint…i mean long crawl home….LOL

    Painting a beard on a scarecrow!! LOL

    It is true though……animals and birds sense at some point that the scarecrow never moves so they just get bolder……..they need a robotic scarecrow that is timed to run up and down the field waving it’s arms and making sound effect shot gun noises…..PML


    Mrq I cant bring myself to argue with you ok a pint it is!

    If linda oks it.

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    Of course I do. And I will have the chicken wings ready to nibble on too! Honey barbeque. X :good:


    I love a ‘Happy Ending’…… :cry:   :heart:


    Me too moose good manners cost nothing.

    Im happy to play clegg to Cameron on you and mrqs gull based facts.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 29 total)

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