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    Returning home from the shop in the early morning, the ground was heavily covered in snow, I had just got some shopping as most of the stores were out of things due to the bad weather, I felt my mobile phone vibrate in my pocket and as I awkwardly reached inside my right pocket (carrying a heavy bag with my left hand) I slipped head first towards the ground.

    I awoke in bed and carried on with life. A few years later, on holiday, I met a fantastic woman, we never got married but we had three great children together, 2 girls and a boy. Life was pretty fantastic and as nice as I could have ever wished for.

    When my youngest child, my daughter Ava, was having her 2nd birthday party, I was sitting watching TV in the living room and my phone next to me started to vibrate, the strange thing was I could feel it on my leg as I stared at my phone on the couch, something never felt right, I sat back without picking it up which my wife thought strange as she asked me why I was not answering, it will probably be your mum she said.

    Something was not right, I got a chill through my body as I was starting to get cold, and each time the phone would ring I would feel a slight vibration on my right leg. I started to question where I was, were these people around me real, were my wife and children real, was this life real. I kept these thoughts to myself as inside I was in turmoil, confused, and extremely scared.

    That night when everyone was in bed I told my wife a lie, that I thought I was getting sick, so I would grab a duvet and watch some TV on the sofa, I knew it was more than being sick. Before going downstairs I kissed my wife and told her I loved her, and then did the same with the kids.

    Laying down alone in the living room, I was far from OK, I was freezing cold and I could feel the vibration of the phone in my pocket more so than any other time, my head was hurting and I was losing my vision. This time I reached in my pocket and pulled out a phone, not the one I had sitting next to me, this one felt different.

    As I answered the call I could hear my mums voice, I could then hear people all around me talking. I was no longer in my house but laying on white snow, cold, with people with green uniforms on all around me telling me that I was going to be OK.

    I was taken away in an ambulance to a hospital where I remained for the next 2 months. When I got visitors I would always hope my wife and kids would come along with my own family to visit, this never happened, and as time passed it slowly dawned on me that they were not real, that life I lived for almost 10 years was not real, or they were at least not real in the life I was in now.

    I went through severe depression as I had lost what I had loved, my 3 children and wife, where were they, who were they. I would cry each night thinking about them, hoping that they were doing good. To this day when my mobile phone rings I eagerly answer hoping to hear from one of them, my family, but they have yet to call.


    You need a psychiatrist strongbow , like many on here…  You state you weren’t married but keep referring to your wife. You state you lived for ten years with a wife you claim that you never met or were married to even in your dreams yet wait for their call on a vibrating phone  but they never existed in the first place. An utter loon



    I hear that rudeboy has been appointed Chair of the British Psychiatric Association for his contributions to sensitivity with people in need of a helping hand.

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    Helping hand? The guys stark raving mad


    Professor Rudeboy is being considered by the Government to chair a Royal Commission on Improving the Conditions of and Cutting the Costs of Mental Health Provision. They are stapped for cash as Brexit looms and are getting pretty desperate for new ways of dealing with the education and health of Britain’s inhabitants.

    He is well known in his field as an innovator in the approach to loonies, as he affectionately terms them. Apart from personally conducting tours of well-heeled slackers with nothing better to do to laugh at the inmates in his Institute for the Treatment of Ladies and Gentlemen Who Have Known Better Times, he has been conducting historical research into the ways in which the loonies were treated in earlier times when water treatment and drilling holes in the head were common.

    His Institute is famous for the Terminal Room for loonies who can’t take it any more. Here their lives are mercifully terminated by a man with a hammer.

    Image result for mental health medieval times


    was that a dream KING? idk if it is was a dream or reality, if it was reality, it sounds like u had people in your life but are no longer here, if it was a dream, then i sounds like a wish u  want or wanted, so the wish is u want one or more kids with a partner, or was it a dream but also reality? if yes, then it sounds like u want what u had one time, so u have a dream/s about it, i ask if it is a dream or not as u said it was not real, if it is not real and was not a dream then it must be a fictional story.

    so anyway it is one of these options;

    A it is a dream 

    B it is reality

    C it is a dream and also reality

    D it is a fictional story

    E it is a dream also fictional story

    F it is reality also a fictional story

    G it is reality and also a dream and also a fictional story.


    :mail: :unsure:   :scratch:

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    Well that actually gave me chills. Its not altogether clear, then again King never claimed to be Charles Dickens, but my take on it was that he hit his head badly, in reality went to hospital, was in some form of coma for a while, where he led/dreamed this alternative life that was for all he knew reality ?

    Its the bit missing in between ”  I slipped head first towards the ground.

    I awoke in bed and carried on with life.”

    ?  Dunno !!?

    :wacko: :unsure:




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    Hey i might call my self rude q then i will have an excuse to be rude….LOL



    Dickens was cool…wrote a few interesting books….even set up his own Estate Agency Service….LOL

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