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    Piers Corbyn….. Jeremy Corbyn’s brother decided to pop down to Hove yesterday.  With his small gang of anti-vaxxer in tow they protest in the town.

    Failing in the town centre and being told to f off.

    They then decided to head down the beach, where they found  the bendy bus on Hove Lawns  handing out covid vaccines.  This became there new target and they caused trouble.  They sat down in front of the bus and stop it from leaving.  Once the Police made them move and let the bus go…. Piers Corbyn gets on his  microphone and shouts out “Clear off you scum, clear off you disgusting specimens of humanity, clear off, go home,”

    Today, the Hove Lawns vaccination service has been postponed indefinitely.

    It was nice for  Piers Corbyn left his multi million pound house in London and travel  down to Sussex to teach the “peasants” this wisdom.  Its want champagne socialists do on the weekends.

    This unelected  Stalin wannbe and his gang  manage to bring the whole community together.  He must be the most hated man in Sussex right now.

    Just so we’re clear on this, its your choice if you get a vac or not.

    Not this man who failed at almost everything in life and his gang.  There message is clear, don’t vaccinate the poor, don’t vaccinate the old cos there the only ones dumb enough to pay attention to this clown.

    Take it from me, people with money were the first inline to get a covid vac.









    Piers and Jeremy. Now thers a pair of losers 😂



    As usual the bigger picture wooshes right by DOA. Who has the gall to complain about an elderly man around his own age being asset-wealthy. The politics of envy.

    The tories have introduced emergency legislation that means low ranking police officers or even PCSOs can issue £10,000 on the spot fines and which has and will be applied arbitrarily by people unqualified to do so.

    The tories are criminalizing lawful protest and all whiny bollocks care about is “Jeremy Corbyn’s brother”.


    Its clear you are clueless one Ge  :negative:

    Let me tell you about modern  protests.

    This is the peace statue on Hove Lawns. Every protest ends up here.  No government buildings close by or reason to protest at this location.  Just a big open space by the sea used by family’s in a residential area with controlled parking.

    And if you live close by… “protest tourism” is a nightmare.




    And who can forget Steve Bray…. a self-employed Welsh “numismatist” who stood outside Westminster for years.




    In 2021 protests are a media event for the bored middle classes and university students.  More about getting good pictures for social media at a location that’s offer other attraction’s. The new laws wont stop “protest tourism”   They will give local residences & council’s more  control  and keep disruption to a minimum.  No more all night vigils  or alone protester taking root for years.


    If you live near a “protest hot spot” the new laws are long over due and welcome.



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    This is the same numpty who claims to have worked in the charity sector for decades and exactly the same charities who lead the vanguard organizing peaceful protest in the UK and who he now wants to criminalize with this draconian legislation

    Burly male police officers manhandling and brutalizing innocent women at the peaceful vigil for the viciously murdered Sarah Everard is exactly the kind of policing whiny bollocks and his politics of envy supports and (un)ironically a vigil protesting against male violence.

    Those protestors can in theory be sentenced to ten years in prison if they are deemed to be “causing a nuisance” and an 18-year-old PCSO who has just left school can issue a fixed notice penalty of £10,000.


    Welcome to DOAs brand new world from behind the security of the six-foot wall surrounding his stately home in Hove.




    Cleanly you dont know the different between a protest and protest tourism  :scratch:

    This is a protest:


    UK McDonald’s workers are demanding £10 minimum wage at a protest outside the fast-food branch in Marble Arch, London.

    There at the location there protesting about and making there voices heard.   There nothing stopping anyone from joining in or showing support. These protests are common all over the UK.

    This is protest tourism

    Caroline Lucas speech at People’s Vote event, Hove Lawns

    Its an organized event. They have a stage and politicians trying to gain media time.   You cant get up on that stage and share your views.  There security preventing you.  And these events are common to only a few locations in the UK.  By the way  Caroline Lucas don’t live in the area and represents Brighton Pavilion………she loves coming to Hove.

    Can you see the different Ge?






    Tax dodger, online millionaire, and owner of a stately home in Hove glibly describes McDonald’s workers fighting for a decent minimum wage as “protest tourism”. Mr. I have never attended an organized protest really does think the stage should be made available to every tom dick and harry.

    Isn’t capable of understanding that the legislation doesn’t distinguish between genuine or “protest tourism” and places all protests in the same category.

    Stupid as stupid can be.







    Ok you don’t understand the new law…….. no surprise there  B-)

    Before posting again and  making yourself look ignorant   :wacko:

    Watch this:




    I understand the law perfectly Mr. Whiny Bollocks and you can backtrack now as much as you want with your dodgy YouTube links from sites no one has ever heard off.

    You wouldn’t have even know the legislation existed, dopy bollocks, until I mentioned it.

    In one breath you support people refusing to take the Covid vaccine and in the very next breath condemn peaceful protestors.


    You’re so right …… I’ve not seen one “kill the bill” protest or posted on subject.  Its not like they have been going on for months    :whistle:

    I support personal freedom and the right to choose.  And I will always stand  up to the likes of Piers Corbyn who want to take that away from me.



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