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    Stupid as stupid can be.


    Supports vaccine deniers spreading their killer virus and murdering vulnerable people.

    Condemns peaceful protest supporting that stance and also peaceful protest in general.






    You’re repeating yourself now  :yes:

    Just admit your azz is talking again and you’re bored  B-)


    You’re repeating yourself now :yes:

    Just admit your azz is talking again and you’re bored B-)

    Do you really support vaccine deniers fishy ?



    I support personal freedom and the right to choose.

    Except for peaceful protest of any description. You don’t support that. In other words, you don’t support “personal freedom” and the “right to choose” at all.





    Just so we’re clear on this, its your choice if you get a vac or not.

    Murdering scum.


    Know my comment here is going to be murdered  ….

    NOT ALL PEOPLE CAN HAVE THE BLASTED VACCINE. Some here are hard headed to the core. So we call those scum? Not their fault. Murderers.

    Fishy is right as well people’s personal choice. But if they don’t they better make sure they dont cry wolf when get covid, very sick and may die.

    CDC also reports if have both jabs the likely hood of getting covid is very slim. (Any variant) but may have apparently and not get that ill!

    And some nutters here who shall not be named…see now they saying that the jabs may only be useful up to 9 months or year?

    This vaccine WAS NEVER APPROVED for 20 years. Ever wonder why? (Experimental drug) only used for covid 19 to try to stop spread of eventual death. Before covid many people died from flu. Different strains. One shot suppose to stop flu..prevent death..people still got it and died. People with flu also cough, spread germs air borne. Pass on to others.

    Never had flu..years ago doctor said so many..take jab. I did. 2 days later wanted to die, fevers so bad, respiratory difficulty.  I was not sick before jab. Reaction suppose. Ended up in hospital 13 days. Fevers my math over 103.6 for 4 days in row. O.k. for 2 days, Spiked again to 104. Basically on my death bed if not declined fever. Slept in packed ice. Nurse closely monitored and ICU. intensive care.

    You really think when jab came through..I wanted it? Forced too basically. Was scared to shyte on both jabs effect. And as like some went thru side effects on both.  But I do note one particular thing I have now..never had before a little side effect. Pollen alergies never had before in Spring. My last jab in March. My doctor can confirm that. Better than death i know. But having some times a runny noise from it people may think you have covid. One of the symptoms.


    I support peaceful demonstrations. Where here have you seen peaceful. Has become a nightmare all across the u.s.a.

    People here blame those with guns are at fault..ban and take away. Even some law enforcement agencies are being stripped or defunded.

    Our right “BARE ARMS.” Can’t control nutters who get them illegally or sold in the hot market place. Stolen or elsewhere.

    If military entry or 18 have to use guns if deployed.  You put age limit like smoking, gun age requirement into do they defend themself in battle? One law here does not fix all problems…

    And heard,  seen..anyone can make a gun these days..Google it fgs.

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    Oh and DOA, any Covid denying nutjob and there are plenty out there, who refuse to get the vaccine and who also work with vulnerable clients in any sector, should be instantly dismissed. No ifs buts or maybes.

    If those same nutjobs go on to infect any vulnerable clients with their murderous virus they should automatically get a prison sentence of 10 years minimum. The same sentence your government is proposing for protestors who deface statues.


    Do you really support vaccine deniers fishy ?

    No I feel there just trouble makers looking for a cause.

    When I say the “right to choose” I apply this to abortion, dnr or any personal medical treatment.  In a pandemic we all need to act to protect each other and follow the advice given by medical professionals.

    But forcing people to be vaccinated is wrong.

    We’re govern by consent and while I find it hard to understand why anyone would turn down a covid vaccine………. I’m going to respect there choice.



    I’m going to respect there choice.

    But of course, you don’t want them anywhere near your vulnerable 89-year-old mother who could not take the vaccine for medical reasons.



    You lying rat.

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