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    Cant you go in the park for a bit?

    Ge I know you lost touch with reality years ago :wacko:

    But I’m going to play along…. how many vulnerable 89-year-old people turn down vaccine and  haven’t been vaccinated yet  :unsure:

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    This is the same CRETIN who claimed he helped organize Live Aid and worked overseas in the charity sector on the African subcontinent for decades (I have a good memory).


    Yet is completely oblivious some vaccines and jabs have always been MANDATORY in that particular sector.  Just as they are in some jobs in some sectors in the UK.


    There is no right to refusal if you want to continue working in those sectors, nor should there be.


    This is the same CRETIN who claims he supports free speech but wants to ban and criminalize peaceful protest in places like NI trying to overturn draconian laws on abortion.


    The NIMBY fake liberal class, so long as it doesn’t affect them and theirs.


    Oh it must be raining where Ge lives  :cry:

    I’m going to explain this…… in a simple way

    Who is most at risk from covid 19?

    A person who is vaccinated or a person who isn’t?

    Hmmm… this is a hard one Ge… I’ll give you time to think about it  ;-)



    This is the silly chunt who has just argued he would follow medical advice from the experts…


    Answer the original question, you Brighton ponce.


    Would you pay upwards of £400 a week to have some Covid denying nutjob, unvaccinated, unmasked, etc, provide care for one of your vulnerable elderly relatives who could not have the vaccine because of medical issues?


    Yes or no. It’s not a difficult question. Even for you.


    Continually switching the goalpost won’t work with me, you crazy old bastard.

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    Well it seems Ge missed his nap time and don’t know the answer  :whistle:

    Should I tell him  :scratch:

    If you say no to a covid vaccine…. if you catch covid you get really really REALLY sick.  You mite even die  :cry:

    You wont kill anyone who’s been vaccinated twice….. but you may give them a nasty dose of MAN FLU !!!!!!!!

    So by turning down a covid vaccine you’re only putting yourself at risk from John Foreigner who’s been in a French refuge camp for last 6 months and just paddled a cross the channel on a inflatable sunbed or stuck in the back of a lorry with 200 others for the last 24 hours.





    This CRETIN has now managed to shoehorn in his usual racist garbage.

    Exactly what bit did this CRETIN not understand? We all know the basics of what Covid does or doesn’t do DOA. You are not sharing a groundbreaking discovery, you silly old man.

    Thanks for agreeing with me though and making your earlier comment look as STUPID as it and you, are.

    You clearly do not support freedom of choice in relation to the vaccine when it comes down to YOUR relatives.


    A typical southern NIMBY and you people wonder why no one takes a blind bit of notice of you in the ‘real’ world.




    Ge all you have done today is prove once again how out of touch you are  :yahoo:




    Yes DOA, you racist scumbag, I am so out of touch I believe the very dangerous “Delta” variant spreading like wildfire in the UK originates from French refugee camps… in India.



    You CRETIN.



    Have fun xXx


    What about Kent covid variant   :wacko:

    Funny that turn up in the same place all the refuges boating in from France  :scratch:



    DOA at his very finest.

    The Kent variety which ripped through France and large swathes of Europe didn’t actually originate in Kent, it originated from French refugee camps…


    I mean if the hard right “Migrant Watch” says so it must be true.


    Meanwhile, in the real world, the new strain was first discovered in a sample from a person who lived near Canterbury.

    Scientists confirmed that sample location data was based on residency provided by public health authorities.

    This means that whoever the first person was would have had UK residency.

    Scientists state that while the first sample had been identified, patient zero had not.

    They said it most likely originally came from an immunosuppressed person – meaning someone whose immune system is significantly weaker because of a serious disease.



    Do you see what a racist twat you look like now, DOA?

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