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    Got a lot of work to do hence with and a lot of cycle training to get on with………i’m going to just pop in the rooms in future……been a pleasure on the boards over the last year or so….keep the posts going every one who makes the effort……the boards always have a place in my heart……..

    Destiny calls as the saying goes…….


    Take care, mister q


    Good Luck with the training and cycling MrQ  :good: :bye:


    Mrqs wit and repartee will be sorely missed.

    Il miss his 40 or so posts everyday.

    Three words mrq.

    Tail and legs.


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    Awww thats a shame. take care kiddo. 😥😥😥


    Just left the farewell mrq party in f3, Just popped in to show my face really had 3 glass of champers and like any good dinner party guests we discussed mrqs best ever post.

    His uncanny knack of talking to birds?

    His views on sheds.

    Which 2nd hand clothes shops to find cardigans was my fave and very helpful I might add.

    Im going to miss the Barry George of chat.

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    Cool – MisterQ can you PM me ya password and I`ll see if I can get you banned before the weekend.

    Have a wheelly good time cycling around muttering to yourself old boy :)








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    Just out of curiousness  MisterQ as of now you have 321 topics and 2678 replies.

    How many of these replies are from other people to the nearest %?

    I did a quick keyword search on a small sample size and I found you replied to ya own thought provoking quips 80+% of the time.  Of these threads approximately 20% had replies from other chatters.

    I also realised I wasted 5 minutes rolling a joint whilst doing said CRAZY MATH!

    I now announce you winner of MR Monologue of chat 2018/2019.

    Please can you let us know how your bike riding trip goes when you return to respond to your FANS who are patiently waiting on your return or the dodgy baby from Corrie whichever should occur 1st.

    My gift to you ……





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    You’re welcome back when you decide to come back, mister q.


    Not everyone is so nasty as to curse a man who hasn’t done anybody any harm when he leaves.


    Skep il bet you 50p hes back posting in 14 days maxium.

    This is attention seeking.


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