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    I live in the Hull area and am continually woken up by my next door neighbour. She is the size of a house and always stomping about, does anyone else ever get woken up or get sleep deprived due to fat ignorant neighbours?

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    Sorry to hear that Suz, may I just say how much better you are looking in that pic.  Much better hair colour and its clear you have lost a lot of weight too xx

    Have you tried asking them to try to be less noisy?  As a part time dinner lady who listens to all those children read for half an hour a day, you really need to get as much sleep as possible.

    Is your neighbour approchable?


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    I will try the owl technique later xx


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    Also give the jumping up and down on the bed screaming sex noises a try later too.  It can only improve the situation and will also thoroughly confuse them as well.

    In fact – wait til her bf has gone out then shout her blokes name whilst jumping ensuring your bed is against the wall.  Sure to work.  She will be angry she will exhaust herself so wont be upping and downing tonight, she will be out like a light.

    Let me know how it goes.

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    right adrian is a insensitive arsehole, well his scitso is, he keeps hitting the floor and slamming the door he does me head in, the other nighbour dont use the toilet so he and his flat smell leak out his flat and make the house a massive fart smell, the 29 stone nighbour who use to live here was very annoying the fat bast sat inbetween the main door smoking cig, so obv no space for poeple to get out if she is there, and the female smokers cough is so annoying and makes me feel like i need to puke the males cough just makes me feel like i need to puke, and the dumb thing is she wud say “sorry jn” she cleary is not sorry when she kept sitting there smoking god she is like one of me auntys sellfish bitch, i mean even staff sit or stand here that door also smoking, i can not fuking win in life it is so annoying, i mean people piss me off 24/7 where i live, i mean i found out one of my staff takes her trolly to the basket self servise machine, and u have people standing near the door in the way and just stopping on the path then u nearly walk in them and cunts who dont use card or phone to pay, they just in the fuking way in the queue *sighs* hi i am jn i am a total opptimistic person, oi stop looking at me thinking i am – Martin ‘hater’ Cull, – i am not i am his twin u complete set of bast yer!

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    Get yourself some Quies wax earplugs. I’ve used them since the 80s. Theyreally are the best for blocking out noise 👍

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    i use earphones


    How was your night Suz?

    Any joy?


    Neighboursssss…everybody loves good neighbourssssssss…..

    Sleep is a friend you’ll need to the end……you’ll need enough or it’ll be sad……knowing a sane person slowly went mad.


    I am very very lucky with my neighbours. Not once in thirty odd years have I had a cross word with them. Although my next door neighbours are moving house shortly, I’m  gutted.Don’t know who I’m going to get next to me now. I hope there not anal, territorial,nosy or noisy. Might be a young family, wouldn’t  mind that. Just as long as my grand kids can play footy in the garden. Its a big deal for me, i don’t like change.

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