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    18 years..😥😥😥


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    Thank you Jane for the thread.  May have been 18 years ago, yes many New Yorkers feel this day.. we also appreciated all through out this the love and support needed in that horrible time from around the globe.

    As my drive to city not too far away..the black skies, smells, low flying fighter pilots deployed unable to get to my kid in lock down at school, no one allowed on was scary.. event for us who many saw, lived it, will never be banished from our minds as we move forward. Justice still not served as one master mind sits in our jail going thru b.s. trials which get delayed.

    Thank you again.


    Can remember being in New York in Nov (2 months after the towers went down) and the open space in the sky where they used to stand and the gap in the skyline was unreal.But worst of all was all the photos of the missing which was pinned to the make shift wall that was put up around them.

    The other thing i wont forget was seeing the smoke still coming from the towers and the twisted metal from the heat and the fall of them.

    18yrs ago i still see it as plan as yesterday.

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    Somer thats so awful. Those poor people. 😥😥😥


    Good post Jane. As much as everyone wants to forget it should never be forgot,nor ever will.


    Whys that pepsi max? oh good post jane….sorry have to laugh….


    Laugh at what Mr Q?

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