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    linda ive mulled over this and yes my thoughts are with ge at this traumatic time I only pray blossom didn’t get the torches serial number


    Ge leaving this room is part of the film, folks.

    I’m sure he’ll return, as ge or someone else.


    he has not reached even near the jc record of flounces…


    I think cosy has that one??

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    Report from set day 5. good morning fellow thesipans just a quick update from set Spielberg of blackpool north nipped off set to place a bet Monday morning at around 11am I’m no horse racing expert but he hasn’t returned photo finish anyway me and the cast been sat around ad libbing for days one cast member had arranged for showaddywaddy to come in who I greatly admire ihad to make excuses for orson lie to my idols I wasn’t impressed I slipped them 20 quid they seemed happy enough. another prominent member of cast approached me in my trailer which looked like a horse box to me but anyway milks they said please go look for him these working conditions are beyond a joke I decided to go to one of his watering holes dunno if you guys have read my previuos posts but looking for him in pubs is like looking for a needle in a haystack but fortune favoured the brave this day! I approached him discreetly at the bar he was the authorian herehe was nursing a g and t and a skol in these situations I find it best to order a drink I set myself up a larger and a whiskey he barely looked up I thought it prudent to remain silent till spoken too milks he said yes orse I replied I’m going to cut to the chase here he said. I gulped down my larger. I need 15 pounds to get to morcombe mate now I saw! a Stephen fry like moment and I was watching it all unfold I made some excuse about needing the toilet and backdoored it


    *stamps feet and falls on the floor having a hissy fit*

    I want a part!!


    Oh and Gerry you best not have left otherwise I will hunt you down wearing my hair slicked back so tight in a ponytail with my big hoop earrings with a Gillingham football club shirt on pushing a double buggy with a few Primark bags on the handles ………… you hear me Mr?

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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