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    im looking for a cast list.


    a jc serial troll is roaming round just chat towers,and is planning to blow up martins yacht by remote control, so he can take control of his empire

    and  has developed a virus that makes all jc women love him and want to go to bed with him,and go to the shop for him and stuff

    so im looking

    for a hero


    femme fatale

    some people who don’t mind looking foolish

    gullible wimp

    naïve  wide eyed innocent gormless idiot

    a mr ten man billy big balls who thinks he can fight the world.

    some random silly bitch who cant stop crying

    a goody goody that cant see wrong in anybody

    and lots of other cameos

    could somebody help me out with the casting list please cos theres so many regs in here that could fill those particular roles,


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    oh and a title as well


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    :yahoo:   haha  love it xx

    I don’t mind looking foolish in the name of ‘Art’ hehe


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    Dear sir

    I would like to apply for the leading roll in your new blockbuster jc movie,i will send off my cv will all relevant information  ie   romance lust for all jc woman young old  etc and will also enclose pictures of me to help with lighting and costumes .

    many thanks


    P.S hope to hear from you soon regarding interview  time and dates 😎




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    Oooh well if there’s a bit of espionage involved I bags the “M” type role being diplomatic & all that.


    How about “Gone with the trolls” as a title?

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    I suggest “Once upon a time in JC”. A camp spaghetti western with an epic music score from the legendary Ennio Morricone.




    How about Carry on JC as a title ?

    Some of the things some chatters come out with is funny as fook  :yes:


    id like to play pete beale orson a no nonsense market trader whens the audtions mate?


    My offering for a title would be ‘Nightmare On Chat Street’ and I’d like to audition for the part of ‘random silly bitch who can’t stop crying’. Failing that, I’d be happy to be the gormless idiot, though naive, wide eyed and innocent may be stretching a point.

    I was thinking of putting chatters’ names forward for the various roles listed, but decided that it may have caused offence even though none (ish) would have been intended.  :whistle:


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    I would like to be the villain or fem fatale as  I am a bit evil and I can easily play a totally angry psychopathic bitch.  I look like one already see.

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