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    no not at all uni,don’t be scared of naming names,theres a film to be done,theres no time for sentiment

    I actually was going to name mr pat as the hero

    ,but is he tall enough?

    maybe we could stand him on a box like alan ladd used to

    the villain with the virus…… Mario?

    femme fatale……er was going to say bloss  but I cant cos its not fair,she cant reply ha ha ha

    the rest I dunno?


    could do with a hand with the ending ,do we save martys love boat or not?

    happy ending or tragic circumstances ending?

    in my best big brother voice over

    you decide?



    You wanted volunteers for cast  not someone to write the bleeding script for you ! lol


    Good thread welcome back …. no more shyte eh M ? lol  B-)


    ok I will start the ball rolling

    our hoodied villain? breezes past a dozy security guard? and asks the scatterbrained receptionist

    is  martin in?

    points  for the first 3 actors?


    chan……….. oops deletes that,its mr reed to you she expostulates



    meanwhile Mario cunningly disguised as dick dastardly aims to get to the 68th floor  of mr reeds penthouse

    when he is suddenly confronted by an over zealous guide called………?


    I’ve got the giggles already and we’re only on page 2



    Ge the dozy, a tall dark and handsome security guard, radiantly glowing from his daily 15 minute suntan session at the local leisure centre, watched suspiciously as Pat and Blossom casually strolled past reception. Their arms interlocked and their obvious passion for each other, burning brightly, like an Argos 3 bar electric fire.

    Ge the dozy, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration and still red from his attempts to pluck them earlier that day, wondered whether perhaps he should have questioned why Pat was carrying a giant goldfish… under his arm… could it be a weapon…

    Blossom, leaning down, in her sequined 6 inch Jimmy Choo’s , her hybrid Yorkshire and Italian accent barely audible over the Simply Red playing in the background, was whispering sultrily in Pats ear. Ge the dozy later claimed in his police statement, that what he heard, as they disappeared into the lift, was Blossom mouthing… “Eee eck our kid, did we get garlic mayo on that kebab or was it chilli sauce?”





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    i can do the crying bit as i’ve a broken shoulder the tears will be real too


    hows this for a just chat story ive been on the really wild show 1988 good the bad and ugly 1966 I was a extra htv news west 1993 and ive done aladin Weston super mare playhouse however I was never asked back word of advice orson eric cantona was offered a trial at sheff Wednesday before he joined leeds I don’t do trials he said

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    Hope you feel better. Hope you take it easy..
    Be well….

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