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    Milkman of human kindness

    Dropping by the film attention caught my eye.
    Disappointed however as my friend Orson has not only provided me with one leading thread role, but two.. sorry do not think from browsing here a leading lady role offered, rather male only,so sad for me. Who got leading role, oh that Mr. Pat with a fish think read. Nice fish by the way…

    Orson should be given an applause for show/effort. Not sure how paper media critic’s may see it.

    However milkman…
    Impressed really theater information, 1966, 1988, and Aladdin. You know what I like to do best. Did, and enjoyed it. Thanks for providing.

    To Orson and Cast of players…good try..provided nice reading entertainment……

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    Milks!  What are you like?  This could be our big break as script writers!


    Ge the Dozy sachets towards Martin’s heavily initialled ‘M.R’ oak- double -doored penthouse entry and SMASHES his (back) doors in.  “Forsooth, tis I, Ge!” he announces as his gaze rests on Radish, there poised against the back of a large crimson high backed chair- whilst releasing large organic black grapes into Martin’s mush from a moderate height.  (have you seen his mush though  – it is rather nice like?).  Anywho… “Get thee gone Ge!” Radish hisses as only a rogue vegetable can pull off with any aplomb.  ” How dare you come crashing in like a huge tattoed albeit perfectly toned and tanned vision of perfection?” she added with a snarled shortness of breath as she tried to shove Martin’s jars of skin perfecting cream under the aforementioned chair with her good foot.  


    Your go Milks!

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    Ha Ha, very good!

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    Now really love this thread as our actors are coming out in true light. Bravo to the many artist and actors..

    Maybe just maybe me thinks apply again for auditions, you may be asked back in, rather than out… magnificent..

    And remember please,love whip cream and cherries..grape feeding is simply boring..think Martin deserves a better class of taste testing…. he works very hard…..don’t you agree?


    Can I play the the sailor of the yacht?


    no business like show business radish! before you and blossom ask yes I do now jed from kes and yes I can get autographs linda I’m glad you enjoyed the film and thanks for looking at my acting cv I’m sensing you have twigged orson doesnot have a thespian background unlike myself you no full well hes probably got a orange school chair from the 80s as a directors seat a ripped pizza box coloured black in felt tip pen as a clapper board you can picture the scene I am also disgruntled would you like to form a splinter thespian group called the just chat voices?

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    As our hours are on a different time zone, busting out laughing, my team member thought I was a little lost in the head for moment. Staring at me now trying to see what am up too. Ha ha…break time..
    Honestly have not a clue who this Blossom is, even if accused several times. Swear, right hand on Bible, truth…but if you do, would you tell blossom to come forth and say am not her. Thanks..
    As far as autographs really appreciate offer. However, do not know this jed, and to be fair, if go to an actual show then meeting person, may ask..otherwise not the same thing for me..NOW if you would like an autograph will have to ask my buddy Mr… Oops. Need to check out his several sites first, he is my neighbor/buddy we have so much fun together for him to death, wrote book 2 years ago, pals with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Meets up every year for special program and olympics with him. Know for fact, I watch his dog every year when he goes… And knows plenty of actors in which he tells me same thing.,autograph! laugh with him as well… If feel safe enough after checking his site out will give you who. Have too many people here who really do not care for me, so exact living quarters have, makes me a little nervous. Trust issue here for many.. now have put me on my own trust believing mode..

    As for Orson, most of the time he has been some what kind to me, and can not blame him when he gets his buddies in for extra entertainment using specific targets. I Was rather sad not giving me a nicer thread and lead role, but “trouble with Linda” was rather below the belt…debating if should send him a blow up female doll for Christmas to play with. Perhaps my picture on it. Not with a smile though. But then he has mentioned his gf relationships not always easy. So better put a smile up on my gift.

    As for what ever you wish that may be new, well always like trying something different.

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    linda where shall I begin firstly thanks for your empathy again if Spielberg of blackpool north cant find a place for us so be it ive found myself nodding sagely to sevral of your points what fantanstic news you are a autograph buff! I was introduced to this world by my father a few of his friends and him great guys btwthey would hide behind a wall send on down the front to get the best players autograph then when he appeared they would all jump up from behind the wall and the player would recoil in horror jesus the smell of cider and those faces put many a player of his game btw linda I’m seeing a cb radio do you own one? are you a radio ham? if so whats your handle on the airways and as reguards to not meeting blossom perhaps I could introduce you in the room tread carefully good luck as ever

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    linda btw I know your a stickler for facts kes was filmed in Barnsley ever heard of that marvellous city? I imagine you thought what is this strange dialect? we have a few chatters from the fair city of barsnley in chat linda I’m no doctor linda but the phrase something in the water springs to mind



    Honestly this Blossom so many people suggest I am this person and despise of that person or nasty what ever, think enough on Blossom plate.She/he does not need to know me. Have enough battles here have to independently fight often..for or with. No rather have Blossom come forth and say Linda is not me.. shoot proving American difficult too… ha ha..
    As for cb hand radios want to say think…. many maybe all of us not allowed one. Those of police, fire departnent few other can. Think rest of us banned.. those that do think can have issues with officials. Have used once in a job long ago. Language use listen only with those whom with who are dispatching to others…not allowed to otherwise….and truckers use as well with others..

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