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    Hi there I just joined :) My name is Gabrielle and its very nice to meet you all! :)


    Hello Gabrielle, I have also just joined. Nice to meet you too. Im in the UK. :-)


    Hi there Gabrielle! :yahoo: :bye:


    Hi Gabrielle – where in the States are you? I’m going to guess Utah…. :yes:


    I’m guessing that was her last post :cry:


    I guess so. :unsure: Well just in case, welcome to JC Gabrielle.


    Sorry to all for the late reply! I’ve recently been accepted into my town’s local college and its been pretty hectic. I am from Alabama and don’t worry contrary to belief,most of us Alabamians are pretty cool :) It’s so nice to meet everyone and I thank you all for the warm welcome! It may take me a few days in between each reply but don’t worry I’ll always reply! :) :bye: Can’t wait to meet more people on here and I look forward to talking with you all soon! :yes:


    Great to see you again! So, what’s,life like where you live then? I’ve never been to the states.


    I have a friend from Alabama. Don’t get her started when it comes to talking about barbecues – oh, and white sauce!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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