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    Too funny. I have personally stated for a week I was giving up all those home made Christmas cookies..received and baked..lord been difficult because prior to New Year’s day got more.. umm time for tea party..share..well maybe…

    BUT.. think many of us try to find some new goals for a beginning of a New Year. If we succeed or not..well we try in any event…

    So I was thinking maybe just maybe I would try quiz this year at JC..let’s see..have more patience with those crazy drivers on the road. Those I wonder how got license in first place..or need to stop driving.. move over quicker in grocery store when some one’s cart going to hit over my feet…walk pass the ice cream section and of course cookies..aisle. make more time to read my books or catch up on them. Catch up on my fun sewing kits. I have another new nephew coming. So behind on one baby quilt for one born few months ago. And a new one in June. Great Aunty 4th time..

    So what your ideas for a trial of sorts? Lol…..


    Sorry, Linda,

    I gave up making New Year resolutions a long time ago.

    I just keep breaking them.

    Now I just make a resolution to keep on being a really swell guy, loved and respected by all I know, online and offline, all year round

    :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)

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    Mines the same as every year.Clean up at the Cheltenham Festival then a Bermuda holiday for a month :good:

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    Thanks guys for your ideas. Hee. Guess others feel the same sort up on them not responded.

    Enjoy..I do love breaking traditions myself to be honest. Hee xx hey challenges are fun though..depends on type you wish to work hard at to improve…one self or be better.


    Don’t know why  I have never made a NYR…ever maybe its because subconsciously I hate failing or failure so don’t commit in the first place…who knows.


    Some times you have to ask the question about any thing….who invented tradition in the first place? Cant be sceppers as he’s only about 120 and cant be Linda cause shes’ only about 115…..the universe is far older than them 2 put together in my opinion.



    Oh Mr. Q. I do read your banter, comedian act still has not improved much. Carry on. Keep the day job!


    [email protected]…yes thanks….giving me permission are you judge linda?….LMAO RATf PML…..I forget my self….linda thinks she is god……..all rise……forget the gavel…use a sledge hammer….PML LMAO RATF

    PML……….court adjourned…lindas off to brush her hair and plaster on the make up……….LMAO RATF PML


    So as yer both showing off….whos got the most wealth…Linda or Somer?…..LMAO RATF PML

    All rise…..PML RATF

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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