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    Always only ‘words on a screen’

    Is it real or fake or something in between?

    So taking into consideration of the fact

    We are not robots and often lack tact

    Being human is never hassle free

    I got to know you, as you did me

    There was always that element of truth

    I had my finger on it but had no proof

    The information was there you never lied

    Never fully gave myself, I never even tried

    The outlines submitted just like in a summary report

    Rules of the arrangement but no customer services support

    No contract binding other than spoken

    I really didn’t need to be rudely awoken

    But it takes two to tango and as loyal as I am

    I don’t like being let down by any woman or man

    My love is endless my love is true

    You should aspire to be like me, and so much less to be like you

    I am the star that glistens in the night sky

    And you are a fool if you need to ever ask why

    So many nibbling nibbling on the cheese like a mouse

    I am my own self centred self indulgent power house

    I dance in the ashes I dance in the storm

    Being ruined for me, is just the norm

    Threats, regrets and all those who presume

    I am even so disliked I need my very own room?

    Being warned being told continuously

    They know all about them but nothing about me?

    The haters that say oh its me me me?

    Jealousy I get it’s a nasty way to be

    So ask yourselves this you people who hate

    Nasty people who dig and berate

    A short fat woman who drinks and is mentally ill

    Can still make you so spiteful and bitchy still?

    Maybe take a little look at who you are?

    I am sure you have partners a nice home and a really nice car?

    At the end of the day its totally odd and absurd

    But you can bet on your life I will have the last word

    And although be it just online

    I was your friend and I thought you were mine


    im keeping my poem up even if i have to comment on it myself

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    It’s not a poem, just words on a screen.

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    do you even miss me


    we create our own arena



    its go0d to jiggle lol


    gawd.. I went to Cyprus, Sidari and Spain with my internet pal.. she was a married woman but we got on great.. we would arrange to meet in the most peculiar places.  Like in the middle of a Maze in Crystal palace.. Up an extinct volcano in Dundee..


    She took ill.. quiet living lass, that maybe had a Bacardi breezer once a month.  she died.


    I never trusted anyone , really… after me Julie :)  because I realised it was a one off.


    NOT A PITY PARTY.. I did trust once..


    always remember the laughs :)

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    and I meet cosy too.. with no shadow of a doubt, as he is funny, witty and kinda gallus.. ( scots word for outrageous , I guess) .. My kids like him, as does my grandson.


    we talk the biggest load of pish, and intelligence too… Last time I met him,, I went arse over tit, to a now ulcerated wound, that will not heal.





    rock n roll ..


    p.s hee hee.

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    i understand in fact when i hurt myself i ulcerate they told me i heal like an old person.  If i get hurt i need medical help, Since the age of 18 whenever i get hurt i get deep scars i lack the healing resources yet i am super fertile and get pregnant at the drop of a hat even at my age. Got pregnant within minutes at 41 and 42 and all the medical checks say i am super fertile and my hair and nails grow so quick and my periods are every 28 days and i drink and sm0ke.  you cannot believe what we see on internet

    We just cannot predict our bodies.


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