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    Typically this time of year is a good time for TV.

    I know I’m sad but I like the animal reality shows Supervet (the man is a genius) The Yorkshire Vet etc ..

    but the one that really cracks me up is the Vet on the hill.  Basically Scot the Aussie vet cashing in at his practise in Richmond London.

    Sadly I’ve had to take the moggies to the vets a few times over the last year or so (routine thankfully mostly) but never have I been hugged & kissed by the vet like he does his human clients I’m wondering if this is jst for the cameras or that is how he actually is for real ….


    Anyway what are you guys enjoying on the box ?

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    Broadchurch is excellent again, last one they’re doing though.  :-(

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    i enjoy  cooking programs

    and like u all the vet shows, i also like monkey world

    one born every min, ncis, and law and order


    Prime Suspect 1973


    The Good Fight (spin off from Good Wife)

    Just finished watching Roots…thoroughly enjoyed that again




    Line of Duty,

    ‘allo, ‘allo when one of the rubbish channels is showing it (missed it first time around)


    Line of Duty, Broadchurch, The Walking Dead and I’m in the middle of watching Lost.

    Love Scandal but didn’t know about the spin off from The Good Wife, so thanks for the Lady Kenters.

    My ‘go to’ channel is the Food Network. I want to be Pioneer Woman :yes:


    I like a good quiz  :yes:



    grr missed line of duty last night was to busy beltin out songs in karaoke,has that woman dibble been charged?

    altho said woman vicki mclure was photoshopped today,in the supermarket,why cant women go shopping in peace?


    Antique roadshow. And also David dickinson is wonderful

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 38 total)

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