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    do you know what? about me and my failed hat trick in aberdeen,ive got a 4th anybody remember a chatter called wilma? its going back a bit i knew fck all about comps then,and she was showing me a chat thing,must have been this,im like ? why was i there? cos my nxt door neighbour sean is from there and his mrs moira,anyway i said to them next time when you go up there give us a shout my lads have never been to scotland 6 and 8 they were,so it happened one day,i stayed 3,so there we are me and me 2 little lads,i sez “sean”,sean”its sorted dont worry” so he presses this buzzer  in like a block of  flats and it was wilma who put us up i know its a ycmiu story but its true,so the burning question is did i nob her?no cos she was on jc all night with her mate,and two i had my kids with me they might have bubbled me to their mam.


Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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