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    hiya scottish mist or as i call her moisty nope never slept with her either but what a brilliant lady,id bracket her with that other lovely lady sassy,love the pair of them to bits and pieces


    icon,hmm now then well yeh its true she can fit into a size 6 dress

    she weighs about 4 stone twiggy hates her,and yeh she has got about 58   jobs,but is she any good in bed? not sure she wanted to give  her one but i said noooo im 14 stone and 4 lbs i didnt want to snap her in half


    rads, omg  let me have a drink i need courage for this



    gobby claire not you claire i mean minnie mouse,did i  meet her yeh did i nob her no just sat on mumbles beach near swansea,she just waffled on for ages about shites,i couldnt get a word in edgeways so i did my usual and fckd off hey dont get me wrong nice chick her but the lady diana hair cut put me off a bit,so god bless all who sail in her

    heard she shacked up with her  next door neighbour some guy who thinks hes shakin stevens cant see that lasting long can  you ?


    claire .,) mwaah xxx



    well things were looking optimistic with her but some nobwrap spoiled it obv i cant name names but king of mice ruined it with his incessant stalking,and her hubby got wind of it and pulled the plug on her jc career and refuses to give her a tenner to come back,which is a shame really

    i just been thinking  what is it with me and aberdeen i could  have had a hat trick

    but yanno


    aah well,


    Get your facts right coneheed I won’t get involved with anyone in JC you nobheed 😃😃😄😁


    oh go and shake yer bagpipes.


    Oh I love shaking the bagpipes  ;-)


    you would love to shake my bagpipes 🤣🤣

    keep dreaming though little willy  ;-)


    lets move onto them admin and mods

    martin yeh been on his yacht,dont really like him tho bit of a bully,always says to me salute me and call me skip fore ye go down on me you peasant

    LD hmm ok not bad for her age,nice inner thighs but to dominatrix for me spose thats why shes a retired teacher but boy can she swish that cane

    NESSIE, yeh no probs with her,but shes all knees if you get my gist

    LE, shes a mystery to me mebbee cod head can enlighten me,reminds me of a song called some girls will some girls wont

    but after a few brandies i conquered her

    last but not least GD prob the fittest bird in here,but by god shes annoying,wakes you up at daft oclock nudging you at half 3,”hey cose whats the longest river in south america?

    me “fck off and oi stop hogging the quilt you scouse tw@t

    got a few more yet laters.

    I now have a whip!


    mmm bend me over and call me brenda,xxx

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 34 total)

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