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    last but not least GD prob the fittest bird in here, but by god shes annoying, wakes you up at daft oclock nudging you at half 3,”hey cose whats the longest river in south america?

    Oi cosy you never did give me the answer lol



    what answer?


    its the amazon

    gd  you beautiful specimen dont tell the google queen of new orleans aka ariston tell him its the orinoco yeh love  you loads ,i know yer posh and a mod and that,but hey ho innit


    hiya youse ok? ive been dreading this bit but ive started it now so might as well finish it,soz for all the name dropping but its the way the mop flops innit

    JAN ,i dont know what it is with me but i love geordies they kind of console  you like i get my benefits from newcastle dhss,and when i dont get paid sometimes i always get this cute voice aah divnt worry marra it be there in the morning really nice bloke he is

    anyway back to janinho i quite like muscular lorry drivers and once you get past all the marra pet man geordie lingo shes areet;handy she has an articulated lorry saves paying b n b dunnit and shes the only woman in the world who taught me how to reverse park .)


    shudders anybody remember moon?

    i met her one day let me tell you why i was in aberdeen yeh,i was only there cos wotsaface weemo had broke her ankle and couldnt  do her job properly,you know cleaning schools and that,i tried to do her over a desk but she was having none of it,so i fckd off,i didnt even know where i was but i had moons number,cos she only lives round the corner from weemo,,,,,,,,,,oh just as an aside you ever heard about when weemo and moon had a fight? cant say too much cos of legal reasons and also im not a gossip but moon went round to weemos gaff  pissed up and that yeh and weemo hit her over the head with afrying pan


    so anyway i digress so i rings moon up one day,heres how it went actually

    ring ring

    her “who the feck is dis”

    me “hiya sweet cheeks its me cosy”

    her  “what the feck do you want”?

    me “nowt just i know its unbeleivable im wandering about aberdeen like alost bell end,and was wondering if yer hubbys in?

    her “why do you want him you gay [email protected]

    me,” no you fckn buffoon,i want you”

    her ” ok pop round then you sasenach ugly fck  he wont be home till tomorrow hes out catching crabs”

    i tell you what this thread i havent said ive had schex withanybody have i

    but nearlydid with moon jamie rip xxx hey listen she wasnt shy when i got there she wascompletely starkers sat on the couch

    all demure and petite and asked me quite coyly “do you fancy me”?

    me ” said i do but why are you sat on your cat”

    she said”what cat”

    it sort of all went downhill and pearshaped after that so i just left


    hmm right whos next er oh  i got one on my  mind but she will go bonkers if i start,shes alright and that just takes things a bit personally drugs innit i spose top woman tho when shes straight,i dont really know who i am but i dont think she knows who she is

    have we had sexx?

    cant remember tbh and neither can she but we are both regs and i love the bones of her xx


    i dunno what im laughing at im gonna get slayed tomorrow off her

    can somebody say it wasnt cosy  it was a clone luv ty xx


    kin knew it didnt i shes on the phone now gobbing off fck her im watching a film the wall floyd


    Moon isn’t dead you delirious tvvat

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    As you all know I’m not one to start rumour’s but………..

    I did hear from a friend of a friend meter reader that someone on this site is moving closer to just H after he posted this picture in members  :yes:

    The phase they used was,

    “I’m getting me some of that”

    Watch out Just H  ;-)


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