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    At your age,  you probably have a fall of pie crusts when you have a period.  Hmmm even after you had explained in great detail you had been through the menopause for the last six years, only makes this insignificant non-entity look like an illiterate.

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    Q..right back at u..same old shyte.  BORING

    get on your bike. Son!


    Highway to hell.


    Lovely Bones was a great book…..all bones are lovely really as they hold up the person that hangs on them………

    Bring back hanging for certain individuals I say, the showground can only cope with so many floating witches.


    [email protected] using the get on yer bike son speech……….oh dear……wasn’t it somer who coined that phrase?…..give my regards to orson


    Don’t worry badder…sceppers has his eye on you now that you are talking more seriously….PML LMAO RATF


    Lol.. I’ve always been brought up you don’t discuss these things in public lol.

    Ibuprofen X 2 every 6/8 hours depending on pain level every,plenty of water. Ibuprofen decreases the contractions the womb has during this phase. If you can take them a couple if days before the cramps it can prevent any pain. Increase serotonin by doing activities that raise them. Sports,Sex, Chocolate,laughing,dancing. Do not take the ibuprofen any longer than 7 days unless you consult your GP and avoid if you’re on any blood thinners.

    Hope this passes soon for you.

    This is very good advice except I think you got the name of the drugs mixed up.

    Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory drug, used for pain due to inflammation, which is most pain to an extent, great for mouth pain and tooth ache too, period pain requires an anti spasmodic , to stop the womb having those griping spasms and contractions, the go to one is Buscopan , also used for IBS, which has similar spasmodic pain. Hope this also helps   :good:

    ps. Never take ibuprofen on an empty stomach, if you suffer from stomach ulcers or if you have asthma

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    Just to clarify….

    ibuprofen will help with period pain but it isn’t an anti spasmodic like buscopan, you can in fact take both together  for maximum pain relief and also paracetamol !!! with no adverse effects, and yes, no ibuprofen if on blood thinners such as warfarin  etc  👍🏼


    sorry for the essays

    Ms K, nothing wrong with writing ‘essays’. The boards aren’t restricted to two-sentence chit-chat, memes or personal abuse.

    Sometimes we need to develop a point, especially on a serious topic.

    This topic is something I can barely comment on, other than express my ignorance. I’ve never experienced any of it.

    But I read the posts, find them interesting, and quyite a few of these posts are ‘essays’ which not everybody reads, but a few do.

    Nothing wrong with ‘essays’ at all. If a reader isn’t interested, then skip them. Simples. They are one of teh strengths of the boards.

    Oh I read all the ‘interesting essays’ , even some of yours Scep, ahem…. it’s just the ones trying so hard to sound clever and interesting but you just end up with a headache and feel like you wasted time when you could have been bleaching the bog !!

    Mentioning no names… just a clue … 👻👻👻

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    Trying to sound like a fully qualified nurse then confirming you’re a bog cleaner may arouse suspicion, even amongst us ghosts we can tell the difference between a nurse and a toilet cleaner. One has shit for brains and the other one cleans peoples brains from a bog.

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